Spanish Colonization In The New World

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Colonization of the Spanish in the AmericasLeonce Moussavou10/14/14World History 136.06Spanish Colonization in the New WorldThe Spanish established an extensive and elaborate empire in the Americas, covering the entire western coast of South America, all of Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and parts of the United States, including New Mexico and Florida. This colossal domain took years of effort and endeavor to colonize and establish astructured system. Prior to the 15thcentury, the Spanish were completely unaware of the fact that a whole hemisphere of the world lay uncovered. Eventually, exposure to this New World came through indirect discoveries,leading up to direct contact, in which the Spanish colonized and built a massive overseas kingdom. Many bew inventions technologies and devices were utilized in finding this New World, which proved to be useless for seafarers and explorers alike. Several notable individuals are credited for their very useful contributions to the development of the Spanish Empire. Numerous strategies and tactics were employed, each with the sole intention of sculpting magnificent empire, hoping to generate enormous profit and power. This colonization resulted in immediate and direct consequences for the New World and Europe, as well as Africa. International economies were modified,social cultures were integrated together, and political structures and beliefs were altered. Spanish empire-building inthe Americas indefinitely impacted the way of life for everyone.Civilization in the New World emerged when nomadic tribes followed herds of game across the land bridge connected Asia and North America. This bridge is now submerged in the waters of the Bering Sea, and was only accessible during the Great Ice Age. Although these tribes had occupied the Americas ever since, the Europeans remained completely oblivious of this whole side of the world. The first Europeans to come into contact with these land masses were the Vikings, or Norsemen, who landed in Newfoundland, or Vinland in A.D. 1000. Returning to Europe and leaving record only in songs and sagas, they did not inform the rest of Europe, and therefore received no credit for their discovery. During the Crusades, Christian crusaders were exposed to the riches of the East, while trying to reclaim the Holy Land. These exotic products were incredibly tempting, and estimating their value,European merchants were lured into seeking access to Asia to get their hands on these goods.Other temptations to find a route to the East included hearing the tales of Marco Polo. This European seafarer had supposedly reached the East, and described in great detail the magnificence and sophistication of Asian civilizations. The grandeur and splendor of these Eastern cultures drew the attention of many Europeans and peaked their curiosity. Initially, the only trade that occurred between European and the East was established mainly overland. European merchants had to make difficult and...

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