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Spanish Influence On American Culture Essay

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The term Hispanic is one used in today's world as a description of the culture and people from all countries which were at one time under Spanish rule. In America the influence of Hispanic culture is evident. Hispanic culture affects certain things such as media, food, people, and in particular education. In certain states at least half of the population is full of Hispanics. With every passing day, the Hispanic population increases rapidly. Because of this Hispanics increase more and more jobs have become bilingual; schools have changed curriculum to meet the needs of Hispanic students, and the Spanish culture is being taught to American students. As the Hispanic population grows, the ...view middle of the document...

“7 percent of teachers are Hispanic… research suggests that a more diverse faculty might lead to better attendance, fewer suspensions, and higher test scores” (Samuels 6). This statement shows that there is a strong need for minority teachers, and can be an increase in teachers of minorities being hired. “a recent review of empirical studies also shows that students of color better on a variety of academic outcomes if they’re taught by teacher of color” ( Boser 4) this quote shows that Hispanic teachers are needed for Hispanic students. The problem with finding Hispanic teachers is that a lot of the Hispanic residents either are immigrants that lack college degrees, illegal aliens, or do not know English well enough to teach American students. If there were more Hispanic teachers, it would better help Hispanic students feel more comfortable at school.
Hispanic culture also effects American education because of the language. Foreign language is a required class high school students must take in order to graduate. Many students choose to take Spanish class as their foreign language. On the flip side some research shows that Hispanic students who live in the US who did not learn English fluently are at a disadvantage because “It's hard to find enough teachers who are qualified to instruct them, and there's little consistency in the programs used to educate them” (Armario 8). Research indicates that the longer Hispanic students stay in special programs designed to help the learn English the further they will fall behind in their studies (Armario 8).
In the American culture is has become evident that being bilingual is strongly recommended in society because “for many jobs, the ability to know certain languages is an asset, the percentage of students enrolling in both introductory and advanced foreign language courses has skyrocketed over the past twenty years” (Gearing 2). “Spanish instruction is by far the most common, constituting 72 percent of all K-12 foreign language enrollments. Spanish-speaking Latin America's global market share is indeed growing” (Wiley 7). Hispanic students who are fluent in both English and Spanish have a better opportunity of getting a job than a regular American student who only knows English depending on the job and their personal qualifications.
The growth of the Hispanic population has also changed certain thing about how teachers teach students, and class’s students take. For Hispanic students classes have been made in order for them to better understand English. With more and more Hispanic children entering school, school boards have realized that there is a need for classes made for foreign students to help them better understand America and English. There also have been English – speaking classes in certain areas of the country created for parents so it can be easier for them to be involved in their students learning. “When you have a student body with parents who are not comfortable with English, they...

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