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I. Background of Spanish MovieSpanish films were once synonymous with the work of surrealist genius Luís Buñuel, who spent much of his time abroad. They are now usually associated with the madcap farces of Pedro Almodóvar, who has enjoyed huge international recognition and acceptance. Spanish films are coming of age. Post 1995, more people have been introduced to Spanish movies than ever before. The standard quality of the films has improved and the Spanish public has reconciled with the industry. However, the most important aspect of this revival is the blossoming of a new generation of directors, writers, actors, and actresses.Directors like Fernando León, Alex de la Iglesia, Alejandro Amenabar, Julio Medem, Daniel Calparsoro, Juanma Bajo Ulloa, Mariano Barroso, and Iciar Bollain have made good, interesting films that have been well accepted by the public. These directors have brought new and young talents with them to the screen: Fele Martinez, Eduardo Noriega, Daniel Guzman, Elena Anaya, Jordi Molla, Ingrid Rubio, and Najwa Nimri are some of the most promising young actors.With this potent combination of directorial and acting talent, plus scripts, which connect with the public, the result is cinematic success in a number of different and exciting genres: comedies, dramas, and thrillers.Widely regarded as the God of Spanish cinema, Pedro Almodóvar is a master of his own technique. He practices a highly personalized formula in his films. Multiple plot twists and hidden meanings characterize his highly imaginative, self written scripts The protagonists are more than just plot foils. Every character has his/her own story that influences their role in the main plotline. Only in the end does the viewer learn exactly why everything unfolded quite the way it did. Thus, Almodóvar injects the vivid uniqueness, the pure duende that has come to characterize modern Spanish cinema into his films.Spanish media and industry experts don't precisely attribute the rise of Spanish cinema to Almodóvar single-handedly, though his contribution to the revival is unmistakable.There was a time, though, when the Spanish film industry was less buoyant, but the country itself was much in demand for locations - Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, Doctor Zhivago. The golden age of film-set Spain was the sixties and its capital was Almería.Three Important Characters:1. Dona Leonor AzumendiDona Leonor Azumendi is a well behaved enterpreneur in San Jose de los alteres. She is a middle aged woman who is so generous in giving tithe in the church. She was very elegant. The death of her husband make her to be so protective to her daughter Carlota. Much has been depicted to her character such as her astounding anger when she destroyed the ornaments of the church. She is very repulsive. She do not want to be interrupted in all the things she wanted. She is relatively in a good stature in her village. She wanted all the best things...

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