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EL diablo en el bosque Beatriz- Camera Girl Olga- documenter Guadalupe- documenter Raquel- documenter Scene One: (In the street) Beatriz- We are going into the woods, how do all of you feel? Vamos en el bosque ?Como se sinten hoy? Olga- Excited! Es emocionante Raquel- Is my skirt too long? ?Es mi falda demasiada larga? Beatriz- How do you feel Guadalupe? ?Como esta de Guadalupe? Guadalupe- I feel hungry Tengo hambre Beatriz- We are entering the woods now. (background Guadalupe singing) Entramos el bosque ahora.Scene Two: Guadalupe- Are we going to die? ?Vamos a morir? Beatriz- I will beat up anyone who comes here.Batire alguien que viene aqui.Raquel- Not if they are cute! ?Y si estan guapos? Beatriz- Then you can have them. We are alone in the woods. The devil is in the woods, this is scary! Entonces envaso tener ellos. Estamos solo en el bosque. Los puedes. Diablo es en el bosque. Tenemos miedo.Olga- The devil will come! El diablo Vendra.Guadalupe- What is a devil? ?Que es un diablo? Beatriz- Set the tent down, then pull it up (they set up tent) What do you want to do now? Necesitamos hacer una tienda. ?Donde es la una tienda? ?Quien tiene una tienda? Pon la tienda puesto tierra. ?Que quieren Uds. ahora? Guadalupe- I want to dance (starts singing) Quiero bailar.Scene Three: Beatriz- Did you hear that? ?Oiste esto? Olga- What? ?Que? Guadalupe- I hear the noise Oi el ruido! Beatriz- It's fiesta music! Es musica de fiesta! All- Scream (and run) (Beatriz is missing) Guadalupe- Where is Beatriz? ?Donde esta Beatriz? Raquel- She is walking around No se donde esta Beatriz.Scene Four: (Documentary) Olga- The devil is scary to some, and a God to others! El diablo es miedo a algunos y un dios a otros.Guadalupe- What is Devil's last name? ?Que es el ultimo nombre del diablo? Raquel- Is the devil cute? I want to meet him.?Es el diablo guapo? Quiero encontarselo.Guadalupe- The devil is a monster, he is bad, he is mean, he is red, he has a pitchfork, he is big, he lives down there. He is bad, he is mean.El diablo es monstruso, el es malo, el es mal intencionado, el es rojo, tiene un horquilla, vive descendente alli, el es malo, el es rojo"¦ Raquel- STOP! Nobody wants to see you! (Raquel gets in front of the devil is...

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1935 words - 8 pages but we were always kept active. kids in the dominican republic arent really exposed to drugs as kids are here in the states.I think that the education over there is more advanced than the one over here,students in the Dominican Republic are tought english spanish and french and with out learnin these languages they will not be promoted to the next grade..Kids are also tought to to right in script from avery young age,they are also tought to write in print but its not used as much as the script.REPUBLIC HAS ALSO EXPIRIENCED MANY LEVELS OF FINANCIAL AND GOVERMENT PROBLEMS

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