Spanking And Its Effects Essay

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INTRODUCTION:Spanking is a type of punishment for children, or an adults in some cases, that includes physically hitting in the buttocks using a hand or stick. Physical punishments like thrashing, whacking, or whipping are also considered a form of spanking. Spanking occurs in many areas especially in yjr home, school, public place and work place.The effects of spanking can produce physical, mental and emotional problems, which may affect life at a later stage. These problems will cause a bad tendency and can make the receiver feel ashamed of taking the punishments. So mental depression is created which in future causes problems in sex, attitude towards life and assertiveness.Spanking advocates argue that buttocks are the safest place to administer threat to children as it causes little pain to the bearer. It not only harms minimally but also tends to be softer than corporal treatment. Though these topics have become hot debated issues around the world no country has made clear demarcation or implied stringent rules on the issues. Provocative measures lead to bitterness and spoils child's future. The hypothesis mentioned above gives a better picture on the issue.REVIEW OF LITERATURE:Spanking is a practice, considered as a form of corporal punishment, that is given to children in the belief that inflicting them pain would deter them from doing the things that they did that resulted to their spanking. Straus, Giles-Sims and Sugarman (1995) narrate in their article, published in the National Council on Family Relations, that spanking is a very common practice in the United States and that the origin of such behavior stems from "religious traditions...and widespread beliefs in the positive effects of corporal punishment on children" (Staus, 1995). Spanking, and how it negatively affects a child in different ways (physically, emotionally, psychologically) is often the point of discussion and debate among specialists (Flynn, 1994). They focus on the harm that spanking has on a child and why it should be outlawed, banned, controlled or regulated so that parents do not overdo spanking, or better yet, make do without spanking in raising their children. What is noticeable in most literature is that they tend to focus only on the negative effects which is somewhat expected already by the public reading it. Research also focuses on the resulting to alcohol or substance abuse, depression problems and other anti-social behavior from childhood to adult.While there is an large quantity of literature that already provides sufficient proof about the negative effects of spanking to a child, specialists seem to be shying away from a psychological topic involved in spanking that is considered a societal taboo. There are countless studies of a particular set of effect of spanking to a child, but there are hardly any available literature that discusses the possible effect of spanking to a child resulting in unusual pleasure and the root of sexual behavior.While most...

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