Spanking Most Detrimental Punishment For 3 Year Old Children

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According to a leading researcher in the field of pediatrics, mothers who spank their 3-year-old children may be increasing their child’s risk of aggressive behavior over the next few years. Spanking is the most detrimental form of punishment for 3-year-old children, considering the effects produced in the spanked children either currently, or in the future. Spanking has been a common form of discipline for many years. As research on the negative effects of spanking continue to surface, spanking becomes less common. Some of these negative effects are: the child does not understand the reasons to behave appropriately, but instead avoids the behavior in fear of spanking, spanking in ...view middle of the document...

When children see a parent respond to frustration or anger with spanking, this teaches the children that it is acceptable to do the same when dealing with their own conflicts. The forms of aggression can range from physically hitting or pushing other children, or verbal aggression when speaking with other children or adults. I fall into the category of physical aggression towards others in result of spanking. My mother used to spank me when I acted in a way she did not approve of. I had issues with my aggressiveness with other children in preschool, now learning possibly as a result of spanking.
Children that are spanked are more needy and moody. The Pediatrics Journal states that the 5-year-olds that have been spanked are more likely than the non-spanked to demand immediate satisfaction of their wants and needs, to be defiant, to have temper tantrums, and to become easily frustrated. Spanked children will be more aggressive with toys and pets, and will never learn to deal with frustration in a positive, correct way. After watching their parents use aggression in an inappropriate way, the children will never understand that it is not acceptable to have the same aggression with other people, pets,...

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