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Proverbs 32:24: “Those who spare the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” Ever since biblical times, spanking has been the most dominant, widespread discipline for children. Since many Americans claim Christianity, they follow the Holy Bible. Although spanking is a ritual type of discipline that has been among humans since biblical times and even before Christ, the world has grown and evolved to find other ways of punishment and discipline for their children. But since high rates of parents being arrested for being accused of abuse for beating their children, many families have found and used other methods of punishment. Which leads to the overall question: “Should spanking be outlawed in the United States?”

There have been several cases when parents/guardians have been arrested for “child abuse”. Although there are cases where it is apparent that the child/children have been abused; but there are also some that is just parent-child spanking. So what does the state of Texas law say about spanking? It states: “It’s legal for parents to discipline their children however they desire as long as it clearly isn’t causing any major damage or lasting marks to the child’s physical body or health. For example, in 2009 a mother, Elmendorf, was arrested and charged with felony injury to her ten year-old son, Christopher, when he refused to clean his room. The next day at school, the school nurse, Smith, noticed red marks on the child’s face and neck. There have been many cases like these which make people question; Is spanking really against the law?

The history of spanking goes very deep in to the history of the world. It dates back to the earliest recordings in the tenth century. In fact, spanking is the oldest, most practiced use of discipline since biblical times. Spanking basically started out as torture to children and adults using such devices as the thumbscrew, used to crush fingers, was considered inhumane over time and slowly died down into present-day spanking. From its earlier practice in Greece, spankings were given to adults. The women were spanked by priests. Also, it entered into the Catholic Church to adult women to have their sins removed by the priests after confession. This tradition is rarely practiced but is still being used in America. Alone, if this method was outlawed then Catholic christians would become upset. Additionally, the idea that spanking should be given through love not anger/hatred became about in the Victorian Europe era. This is when children were seen but not heard.

Certainly, there are other ways of disciplining one’s children other than spanking. Some examples include natural consequences, logical consequences, distraction, positive discipline, reward system, and point system. For example, instead of spanking; positive discipline is a method of discipline. Positive discipline is when a parent praises their children when they do good, but take their privileges away when they...

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