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Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

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Should the United States outlaw the physical punishment of children?I personally do not think that the United States should outlaw corporal punishment. There are several laws which are meant to help protect our children from abuse. You can spank, slap, and even kick your child on the buttocks as long as you do not leave marks and it is perfectly legal. It is the marks that are considered abuse, according to the law. I know that there are several cases of child abuse due to the adults not acting as such. I think it should be left up to the individual families how to discipline their children as long as it doesn't fall into the abuse category.Growing up I had a horrible mouth and I knew how to use it. I still do. Sometimes I still find myself with consequences to pay for my mouth. I would push my parents till they couldn't take anymore. Sometimes, I would get spankings. Sometimes, I would get my mouth washed out with soap. It all depended on the situation. I never knew when to be quiet. I would yell at my parents, tell them I hated them, and I would always say I wasn't going to do something they wanted done. I wouldn't get spanked a lot just when I really needed it. I am sure that if my parents had been harsher, more abusive I would have turned out differently. I do not feel that I was abused in any way. I know that my parents were only trying to teach me to be a well-rounded, respectful adult. They wanted to show me that there are consequences to one's actions. They were also doing this because they love me.I believe that the views of today's society play a big part in how our children are being raised. There is one thing to helping when you really need to, and it is another to just be nosey. I do not have to agree with some of the society's ways of punishment nor do I expect anyone to agree with mine. As long as the child/children are not being beaten and abused let the families be. I think that it depends on the child how you will have to give punishment. Every child is different and as long as it doesn't harm the child it should be up to the parents who know the child best.I am raising someone else's son, and I have been on the receiving end of nosey people. His family does not agree with how I...

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