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Spark Of War Essay

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World Peace, sadly to say that there may never be a time where we can experience this feeling and learn to live with others. We as a country have been in and out of several European countries for decades now fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, etc. But only in these last few months has a new problem risen and the U.S can either stay out of the way, or charge in head first. The Russia and Ukraine Conflict is what has lately caught various politicians’ eyes for the time being. The conflict between the two countries is a sensitive subject for the U.S. If the conflict counties much further than the U.S. is bound to get involved in some way or another, pulling us into something that doesn’t ...view middle of the document...

The Austria-Hungarian Empire before World War I was the largest political party in Europe. It covered almost 700,000 square kilometers or roughly 435,000 miles (J. Llewellyn) and occupied much of central Europe.
Russia and Ukraine have had an unforgettable relationship for several reasons, mainly since what the two countries have been through together. Both countries’ were once part of the first East Slavic state called The Kievan Rus, which stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. This empire lasted from the 9th century all the way till the middle of the 13th century. The Kievan Rus was founded by a bunch of Vikings who invaded from the north in the mid-9th century, captured the Slavic tribes, and Kiev their capital. Over time, the people of Kievan Rus converted to Christianity, which set the basis of the Russian churches. But a couple centuries’ later Kiev was overrun by invaders, and power shifted north to a trading outpost called Moscow. (Felix Dennis)
Ukrainian freedom was unfortunately not long, but extremely brutal. The country was attacked by its neighboring country, Poland. The just flourishing country was fought over by the Czar and Moscow’s newly founded government. Ukraine’s economy was in shambles and its population left hungry. Ukraine finally joins the USSR in 1922 still facing several hardships for years. The Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin began famines, execution, deportations, and war broke out all across Europe, for over 20 years Ukraine couldn't catch a break.
The history of these two great countries is deep; both countries have gone through unimaginable hardships. Now, today Russia is invading places in Ukraine, since the president of Ukraine rejected an economic deal from the European Union. The European Union is actually a rare and uncommon system. It isn’t a government, or an association of states, or an international organization. It actually is 28 Member States that have given up part of their power to the European Union institutions.
While the pressures in Ukraine rise from the ever pressing Russia, one thing remains. The conflict in Ukraine today is from the Ukrainian president's refusal to sign an economic deal with the European Union about an association agreement. The benefits driving this proposal were pretty straightforward. The European Union sought more Eastern European economies to enter into their trade contracts, while Ukrainians wanted for further involvement with Western Europe's more productive businesses and the economy. (John Curran)
When the deal was still under consideration, President Viktor Yanukovych all of a sudden began speaking his worries in the final stages about taking up the European Union's offer. To Ukrainian’s, this was a clear sign that their president's decision is a result of caving to pressure from President Vladimir Putin to reject the offer. Much of this Conflict could have been avoided; the economic plan was simple and straightforward about its ideas. A few days later and...

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