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Spark Physical Education Curriculum Program Essay

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Opening Statement:
Within this paper I will be discussing a research based Physical Education curriculum program known as SPARK P.E. SPARK stands for Sports, Play, Active, Recreation, for Kids and it strives to help improve the lives of young and adolescent children through exercise and fun activities. I will be discussing the goals of SPARK, the positives of the program, and the specifics into a few of the packages they offer to schools and various after school programs.
The SPARK P.E. program is a curriculum for physical education classes that is designed for all students to enjoy P.E. and to improve a child’s overall health and wellness. It is a researched based program out of San Diego State University that strives to improve the health of all people, not just children. The program has been in use for over twenty years and has been tested and improved upon by researchers from SDSU. The program helps children, adolescence, and adults by disseminating evidence based Physical Education to instructors in classrooms and afterschool programs. The program is so effective because it includes program that includes all students and that can be completed by all students in the class. The curriculum has activities designed for all grade levels from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
There are many different variations to the SPARK P.E. program that can fit almost anyone’s needs. The company can also cater to very specific requests for a curriculum if a school desires so. There are two different versions to the curriculum; online and offline. The offline version comes in printed binders with instructions for games, activities, and even entire lesson plans. The offline version also includes all the equipment necessary for the games and activities to make sure the students playing them get the best experience possible. If a school is on a budget the company can alter your package so it only has the bare essentials that are needed for the curriculum materials. The online version of the program includes all the same materials as the offline one, but these materials are digitized and can be accessed using the computer. The online version can also include the equipment needed for the games and activities in the curriculum program. The online version also includes helpful videos to go along with the curriculum that show how to play the games for kids that like to see a...

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