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Nicholas Sparks is famed as the most popular romance writer of today, however he is supremely undeserving of this fame as he has only ever written one book. Up to this day, he has followed the same structure of his first book in order to build his wealth and further inflate his name.

Sparks’ debut novel, The Notebook, captured readers with a heartbreaking and emotional force that was thought to include unparagoned intuitions on romance. For years since the book was released in 1996, infatuated readers could not forget the story between the heiress, Allie Nelson and the typical Noah Calhoun. Noah and Allie met when they were teenagers and their friendship quickly swirled into passionate love for one another. However, their love was destined to shatter due to the repeated rejection and disapproval of Allie’s parents on Noah’s social status. Eventually, Noah and Allie unwillingly broke up. Unable to abate his growing yearn for Allie, Noah goes off to fight in World War II and tries to send a total of 365 letters that, which is later discovered, do not reach Allie. After the war, Noah and Allie meet up and Allie reveals a startling truth: she is engaged to another man. Once Allie speaks to Noah and reads the letters he sent her, she chooses to marry Noah, overlooking her parent’s opinion on who to marry. When Sparks fast forwards to the future, readers discover that Allie has Alzheimer's and, at times, can not remember Noah. During these phases Noah reads from a notebook that contains their love story. On one fortuitous day, Allie remembers Noah. That night the elated couple go to sleep and are found dead the next morning in each other's embrace.

Three years and two books later, Sparks released yet another romance novel that could not keep readers from falling head over heels once again with the story of two high school teenagers named Landon and Jamie in A Walk to Remember. Landon asks for Jamie’s help when learning lines for a school play. The tutoring sessions advance into a precarious friendship and Landon asks Jamie to transform their friendliness into something more. Despite Landon’s efforts, Jamie dismisses him because her father does not approve of their relationship. Jamie’s father denies Landon as a boyfriend for Jamie because Landon is a rebellious high school student who does not have any significant morals or goals in life. Jamie, on the other hand, is the “pastor’s daughter” which holds lots of responsibility for her. Jamie always carries a bible with her and is deemed as a studious and shy girl. Nevertheless, they both counteract Jamie’s father and continue to grow deeper in love. Their love for one another is jeopardized when Landon...

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