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Evaluate the importance of the following in the Spartan System of government;-Kings-Gerousia-Ephors-ApellaAll aspects of the Spartan government was arranged into a hierarchy, with a mixed constitution, later praised as being the 'Ideas System'. This system was based on 'Eunomia' or 'Good Order', each part of the constitution played checks and balances on the other. Initially the two Kings and the Gerousia were the most important powers in Spartan government, but over time the Ephors gained a lot more supremacy and dominance. However, the Kings, Gerousia, Ephors, and Apella all play a different role within Spartan society.Kings were the Supreme commander of the Spartan army. One King led the campaign, while the other stayed in Sparta. "These large powers were always limited by the double nature of kinship." This originated in 507BC, when 2 kings disagreed over the expedition against Athens. The kings had the right to declare war on the battlefield and could decide between life and death. The kings were supervised by the Ephors and had a bodyguard of 100 men. However, the kings could be heavily punished if their campaign failed.The Kings were intermediaries between the gods and men and held their office as the gods pleased. If things went wrong, the kings were blamed and the ephors looked to the sky every 9 years for approval or disapproval. Each month they offered sacrifices to Apollo as Herodotus recounts, "on the first and seventh days of each month each king is given a full grown animal to offer in sacrifice in the temple of Apollo". Before a campaign, the gods also sacrificed to Zeus and if it was favourable they kept their sacrifices for the campaign.Erenburg claims that the Kings "had supreme power as leaders in war, priests and judges," however their judicial duties were limited. They did decide on marriages of orphans, control of matters concerning the highways and adoption of Spartan children.The Kings had many special honours and marks of distinction. They were supported at the expense of the state, and when on military service they were "allowed for their own use as many cattle as they wish." They were treated with much honour and respect, such as the order they were served their meal, first, and they were given double portions. Xenophon claims, "In order that the kings might dine in public he assigned them a public banquet, and he honoured them with a double portion each of the evening meal", in regards to the covenant set by Lykurgas. The kings were also given seats of honour at religious festivals, and a standing ovation when they entered the assembly.The Spartan Kings play a small role in the government. It is evident that they are significant on the battlefield, as priests and in some judicial areas, however most emphasis on their importance is only for show, and they portray a God-like figure within Spartan society.Symone HannamThere were five ephors, one from each territorial region, they were magistrates elected annually from...


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715 words - 3 pages Greece is a country united by its name, but divided by its ways. Although Sparta and Athens were both Greek cities, their societies were different. Sparta was focused on having a perfect military, whereas Athenian daily life revolved learning and knowledge. When Spartan boys were being trained for an army, Athenian boys were being trained for life. Both of these societies revolved around different government, education from when kids to

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1481 words - 6 pages states in Greece, poetry and pottery were some of the artistic abilities Spartans took part in. An anomaly was in place in Spartan government which would be argued for thousands of years. This anomaly was dual kingship. The state was ruled by two hereditary kings of the Agiad and the Eurypontid families, both descendants of Heracles and equal in authority so that one could not act against the power and political enactments of his colleague. While

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2405 words - 10 pages political power, The Ephors had by far the largest sum of power in Sparta, greater that that of the kings and Senators. They had almost unlimited power over the Spartan people, magistrates, and laws created by the other parts of government. “ they have the authority … to deprive the magistrates of office” (Xen. Lac. Pol. 8.2) The Ephors had almost total power over the Spartan people, but their main purpose in society was to make sure that there are

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1957 words - 8 pages Land OwnershipBecause Spartiates were full time soldiers every Spartan equal was given a cleros (or kleros), along with slaves to work it. The land for used these cleroi was usually the newly conquered and very fertile Messenian land. The native inhabitants of Messenia were made into the Spartans slaves. They were called the Helots. Spartiates no longer had to worry about money, this economic independence freed the Spartiates to concentrate all

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2047 words - 8 pages the selecting of officials who see to the entertainment of foreign visitors, and be present when fellow Spartans which to adopt a child. The Spartan kings were very vital in the government of the society, along with the Ephors, whom both guided their city by their well established and effective laws.Another of the major roles and duties of the Spartan Kings was as commander-in-chief of the army. In early times both kings would lead the army into

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2340 words - 9 pages men chewed on them. From this we know that the Spartiate diet also contained sausage.By today's standards Spartan life may seem sparse but in its time period it had quiet a rich life a life where women could manage estates, it had a strong military, government and the Spartan food was not at all sparse containing fruits, nuts and meats as well as wine. It is known that at least the Spartan women were well fed and treated because "Women well fed and

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1104 words - 4 pages had to undergo a grueling physical training program during much of their youth, to develop them into strong fighters . The Nazi equivalent of the Spartan’s youth training system was the Hitler Youth. Apart from indoctrinating children with party propaganda, the Hitler Youth trained boys to use weapons, built up their physical strength and taught them new war strategies . The Spartan government’s emphasis on the military is evident in the roles

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2017 words - 8 pages innovation result in a fatal weakening of the system.” Shortly after the Messenian wars Sparta went into a defensive foreign policy in fear that the helots would rise up and revolt if given the chance. Spartan government devoted itself to keeping what Sparta had already gained and achieved. In fact they choose to isolate themselves completely from the rest of Greece in fear that dangerous ideas would come into their city. Leaders of Sparta even

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1181 words - 5 pages in towns and villages in Laconia and Messenia. They were free to live their lives as they wished although they were under the Spartan control. They took no part in Spartan government and were expected to fight for Sparta when a military emergency arose. They were also responsible for mining, manufacturing and commerce. All the minerals and marine resources of Laconia and Messene were in the hands of the Perioikoi. They procured metals and

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2721 words - 11 pages Messenian war the Spartan people moved into the Taygetus mountains and there they would set up what would eventually become the military government of Sparta. Almost defeated, but maintaining the control of the territory the Spartans invented a new political system by turning their state into a military state. By making this dramatic change it in essence changed the everyday living styles of each individual living in the Spartan society

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996 words - 4 pages imposed a short-lived government of 30 men called the Thirty Tyrants. Such harsh techniques help to explain why Spartan mastery was to be so brief.Within a few years another war, the Corinthian War of 395 to 386 BC, broke out between the Spartans and a coalition of Athenians, Persians, and former Spartan allies disillusioned by the domineering ways of the Spartans in the years after 404 BC. And in 378 BC the Athenians started a new naval confederacy

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