Spatial Optimization Of Group Housing Socities In Delhi

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Spatial optimization describes how different objects fit together in a space that they work efficiently and are economical and affordable. It is a powerful system to explore potentials of a given room to improve the spatial coherence of functions and also can be achieved by functional coherence. This term suggest the maximum use that can be made out of that space. Spatial optimization in a two bed room dwelling unit could be achieved by providing room of optimum sizes, placed in the order of functional requirement, avoiding any undesirable circulation space constructed in a feasible manner and also considering each room as a three dimensional space and not just two-dimensional plan. By ...view middle of the document...

Entering the living area through a narrow passage of about a meter wide.
iii. Entering through a small hall which opens to all other rooms directly
In the above approaches, it could be seen the one where entrance is from a living room leading to all other rooms is the most favorable one for smaller units since that room has function attached to it other than circulation to other rooms.
This relation is also an important one because functionally in a house living room becomes the common space for family interaction and so becomes the core for circulation as well. Different scenario for this relation could be-
i. Rooms opening directly in the living area or in common hall
ii. Rooms opening through a recessed opening or small passage
iii. Small corridor leading to different rooms

Taking into account the above approaches, Rooms opening directly into living area is most favorable since there is no extra space addressed for circulation but this arrangement has no buffer between private rooms and common room. In some cases, in the absence of any buffer between common space and bedrooms, a visual connection gets created which is not very favorable for small units which disturbs their family life; in these cases it becomes very important to have some buffer to disconnect the visual connection formed.

As it is very important to keep the layout of small apartment open, avoiding unnecessary enclosures in the area of similar functions, the relationship of different zones of family space i.e. living, dining and kitchen is very important. They consume around half of the floor space and also accounts for the quality of living as the family spend most of their time in this part and it also reflects their personality to the outside world, being the place for social interaction with their guests. There could be-
i. One big space without division for living, dining and kitchen
ii. Living and dining in one room where as kitchen as an individual entity
iii. Kitchen and dining in one room with separate living room
iv. No dining room but kitchen and living room
v. Three separate rooms
Considering the above scenarios, the most favorable arrangement is the one with all three functions exist in one room whereas the least favorable is to have these functions in different rooms when seen from the perspective of spatial optimization.

The most important factor for achieving spatial efficiency is to provide optimum sizes to the rooms taking in account the occupancy and the functions to be provided in the room. There are specific functions which every room in a house is expected to perform. These functions further decide the kind of furniture to be put in that room. These factors can help us decide the area certain space require and hence be made optimum.
Assuming the household size to be anywhere between 2 to 5
- Rejecting the minor...


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