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Speach About How Hockey Pucks Were Found I Got Apretty Good Mark On This

619 words - 2 pages

I would like to ask you all a question: what is flat and black and can move up to 100 miles per hour? If you answered a burnt cookie on a jet plane you and I are on a different wave length. But if you answered a hockey puck, you're ready for my speech. Honorable judges, teachers, fellow students and guests. Today, I would like to talk to you about hockey pucks.In the early days, hockey players didn't care what they used for hockey pucks. They would often use a piece of wood, a piece of coal , or even, get this, a piece of manure! But after many years they started using a ball similar to the lacrosse ball.Now what is a speech without a little story? Here's one that I enjoy.In the 1860s, when hockey games started to be played in Montreal's indoor Victoria Rink, the ball broke so many windows that the fed-up arena manager grabbed it, sliced off the top and bottom and threw what was left back on the ice. The players quickly discovered that the new shape reduced bouncing and made passing easier.Ever wonder how hockey pucks are made? Well I'll tell you. First the company pours the ingredients into an automated mixer called a Bunbury. Then it is pushed through a form in a process called extrusion. After all of this one gets logs of rubber that are roughly 3 feet long.After this they are cut into pre-forms, which is the same size as a puck but is a little thicker. They're not done yet, though because it's not hardened so the pre-forms are placed into molds and are set to 150C for 22 minutes, to solidify22 minutes later the puck comes out with dimpled edges....

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915 words - 4 pages in somewhat of the grey area of what is considered a crime and what a crime isn't. In some societies social movements are a normal part of life, but in others they are considered as a radical extremists or "terrorists" because of their different beliefs and ideologies. Social movements can be treated as rebels in one society, but embraced in another society; it all depends on the society in which they are in. This is how criminology relates to

This essay is about divorce in todays society. IT contains facts and figures as well as a bibliography of works cited. I got a good grade on this paper for my comp II class

2066 words - 8 pages lead to speculation that the institution of marriage is crumbling, the number of marriages that occurred throughout the 1980's was at an all time high. Roughly 2.4 million marriages were performed each year during the past decade. A careful look at marriage trends reveals how marriage patterns are creating new lifestyles and expectations. (21) Another issue which reflects a change of the American family is the trend of divorce. While 2.4 million

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Special essay on the top of the top I think I got it to me - Ap is a good time to tgo this morning tis - Essay

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I got a 94 on this one my teacher says that my explaination of the shinto and buddhist religions were quite precise

1547 words - 6 pages deep knowledge about everything in those days. Japanese, learned various knowledge from Chinese Buddhism priests. Buddhism was also a powerful weapon for court politics in the days of the house Soga many people were converted to Buddhists. And so it started under the Bodhi tree (the tree of enlightenment) the prince Gautama became enlightened about the four basic truths: a) human existence is pain; b) the cause of pain is desire; c) pain ceases

oppinions on writing. this is a funny essay about lies my teacher told me about writing I got an A- on it

542 words - 2 pages Lies my teacher told meAt some point during the lengthy, drug-induced coma that I sometimes refer to as "my high school years," I briefly regained consciousness and found myself eye-to-eye with what appeared to be a three-headed, English teaching dwarf. Before I could fall back into my customary stupor I realized that this evil shrieking dwarf would say anything to trick me into wasting what was left of my mind with books and reading and other

This is an essay about Steven Ozments Magdalena and Balhasar. this is a good description of how thier lives were lived given the harsh separation of Balhasars job

1007 words - 4 pages able to uncover their beliefs about their family life, marriage, parenting, and the affects religion had on them. Although this specific couple had a unique relationship, one could come to some understanding of how a medieval persons' life was lived.When analyzing pieces from these letters, one could conclude that marriage had to be filled with love, admiration, and cooperation to be successful. Given the role in 16th century society, the husband

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2106 words - 8 pages the uniforms. However, this help is not advertised. A study was conducted to show that school officials helped parents more financially a decade ago than they do today (BBC News 1). I feel that this study is very accurate. Today's school districts are more concerned about where the money is coming from than where it is going. Parents and the school districts do not have a common bond like they did a decade ago.A manual on school uniforms written

The amzon rain forest. this essay is about the amazon rain forest and how much longer it will be around for it got me a good grade hope fully for you

1450 words - 6 pages the past recent years. On average the burning season lasts up tofour months out of the whole year. During this period of time, it is notuncommon for the majority of South America to be covered in a thickblanket of smoke. The bulk of these fires, when combined, are equivalentto the great inferno of 1988 at Yellow Stone National Park. Emitted fromthese devastating fires every year are billions of carcinogens andpoisonous gases that end up in the

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