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Speaker Identification And Verification Over Short Distance Telephone Lines Using Artificial Neural Networks

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Ganesh K Venayagamoorthy, Narend Sunderpersadh, and Theophilus N Andrew
Electronic Engineering Department,
M L Sultan Technikon,
P O Box 1334, Durban, South Africa.
Crime and corruption have become rampant today
in our society and countless money is lost each year
due to white collar crime, fraud, and embezzlement.
This paper presents a technique of an ongoing work
to combat white-collar crime in telephone
transactions by identifying and verifying speakers
using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). Results
are presented to show the potential of this technique.
Several countries today are facing rampant crime and
corruption. Countless money is lost each year due to
white collar crime, fraud, and embezzlement. In today’s
complex economic times, businesses and individuals
are both falling victims to these devastating crimes.
Employees embezzle funds or steal goods from their
employers, then disappear or hide behind legal issues.
Individuals can easily become helpless victims of
identity theft, stock schemes and other scams that rob
them of their money
White collar crime occurs in the gray area where the
criminal law ends and civil law begins. Victims of
white collar crimes are faced with navigating a daunting
legal maze in order to effect some sort of resolution or
recovery. Law enforcement is often too focused on
combating “street crime” or does not have the expertise
to investigate and prosecute sophisticated fraudulent
acts. Even if criminal prosecution is pursued, a criminal
conviction does not mean that the victims of fraud are
able to recover their losses. They have to rely on th
criminal courts awarding restitution after the conviction
and by then the perpetrator has disposed of or hidde
most of the assets available for recovery. From the civil
law perspective, resolution and recovery can just be a
difficult as pursuing criminal prosecution. Perpetrators
of white collar crime are often difficult to locate and
served with civil process. Once the perpetrators have
been located and served, proof must be provided that
the fraudulent act occurred and recovery/damages are
needed. This usually takes a lengthy legal fight, which
often can cost the victim more money than the fraud
itself. If a judgement is awarded, then the task of
collecting is made difficult by the span of time passed
and the perpetrator’s efforts to hide the assets. Often
after a long legal battle, the victims are left with a
worthless judgement and no recovery.
One solution to avoid white collar crimes and shorten
the lengthy time in locating and serving perpetrators
with a judgement is by the use of biometrics techniques
for identifying and verifying individuals. Biometrics are
methods for recognizing a user based on his/her unique
physiological and/or behavioural characteristics. These...

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