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Speaker Of The House Or Assembly

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The Speaker of the House is J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL).Speaker of the House or Assembly. The speaker is the principal leader of the House or Assembly. The speaker typically will (1) preside over the daily sessions of the Senate, (2) preserve order in the chamber, (3) state parliamentary motions, (4) rule on parliamentary questions, (4) appoint committee chairs and members, (5) refer bills to committee, (6) sign legislation, writs and warrants and (7) act as the official spokesman for the House or Assembly.House Majority Leader is Richard K. Armey (R-TX).Majority Leader. The primary functions of a majority leader usually relate to floor duties. The majority leader (1) is the lead speaker for the majority party during floor debates, (2) develops the calendar and (3) assists the president or speaker with program development, policy formation and policy decisions.House Minority Leader is Richard A. Gephardt (D-MO).Minority Leader. The minority leader is the principal leader of the minority caucus. The minority leader is responsible for (1) developing the minority position, (2) negotiating with the majority party, (3) directing minority caucus activities on the chamber floor and (4) leading debate for the minority.House Minority Whip is Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).Minority Whip. The major responsibilities for the minority whip are to (1) assist the minority leader on the floor, (2) count votes and (3) ensure attendance of minority party members.House Majority Whip is Tom Delay (R-TX).Majority Whip. The duties of the majority whip are to (1) assist the floor leader, (2) ensure member attendance, (3) count votes and (4) generally communicate the majority position.President of the Senate is Richard B. Cheney.President of the Senate. The president is the principal leader of the Senate. The president typically will (1) preside over the daily sessions of the Senate, (2) preserve order in the chamber, (3) state parliamentary motions, (4) rule on parliamentary questions, (4) appoint committee chairs and members, (5) refer bills to committee, (6) sign legislation, writs and warrants and (7) act as the official spokesman for the Senate. In about 26 states, the...

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