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Healthy Cooking for a Family (even on a budget!)
The thought of preparing tasty, healthy meals on a regular basis can seem daunting. Add in the additional challenge of getting your kids to eat a healthy meal? Impossible! ….or not.
With a little organization and creativity, you can have the proverbial champagne when cooking on a beer budget. Learn healthy eating habits at are easy to adopt into your family life and with all of the diet information learn what’s important and where to begin. Walk away with organization tools, online resources, and recipes to start incorporating this week.

Health and Identity aka: God’s view of our health
Revolutionize your health and the way you view your body. There are thousands of diet books and diet programs on the market! But many never talk about what produces real change, the way we view ourselves. The way you view yourself is the way that you will treat yourself. Learn to begin to see yourself the way God sees you, and to begin to pursue health in your life without guilt and shame. Learn the powerful combination of faith, fitness, and food and how God can be at the center of all of it.

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The Vineyard Church Weekend Services, May 2013: Health and Identity
Women in The Word, June 2013: God’s Goodness
Health and Identity Bible Study, July 2013-August 2013: 5 Week Course on God’s view of who we are and
God’s view of our Health.
Mom2mom Group, September 2013: Being Fruitful as a Mom
Alpha Course, October 2013: How Does God Guide Us?
In His Hands Single Moms Ministry, November 2013: Love Wins!
More Love, More Power Conference, November 2013: Prophetic Expressions Workshop

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Hi! My name is Katie Goulet. I am the women’s pastor at the Vineyard Church in Urbana, IL where I have worked for the past five years. I also work as a personal trainer and have for the past year and a half. I’ve been married for five years to my husband, Daniel, who is also a pastor at our church. We have two children, a four year old son named Nathan, and a two year old son named Elijah.

I have a bachelors degrees in Music, I played the oboe it didn’t bode well for a career path :). I also have a bachelor’s degree in art with a minor in graphic design. Not terribly surprisingly, I never worked as an artist. I have never worked in a field using any of these degrees, but I am thankful for the life experience that college gave me. Before I became a pastor, I worked in sales. In this previous career, I often gave presentations at colleges. hospitals and businesses....

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