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Speaking Up Can Be Difficult, Not Impossible

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Why is it that in every classroom, there are always some teenagers that are shy or prefer to keep to themselves? It is not bad to not speak up for a while as everyone has those days where everything just goes wrong. But there is a difference between being quiet for a day because the teenager was scolded by a teacher and being quiet because the teenager is afraid of speaking up. God, or whoever made us, has given us a mouth and a voice box for a reason. It is used to eat, and is used as a tool to help us express how we feel. However, teenagers today are using their mouth more to eat than as a tool to express their emotions, which can lead to regretful feelings. Therefore, a teenager’s ...view middle of the document...

Also, teenagers should never fear that their peers will not like them because what if they do? Plus, if all goes well, friendships could even blossom because their peers may have similar interests as the teenager. Ultimately, when teenagers speak up, their peers will build a good judgment of the teenager because the teenager is expressing who they are by speaking up.

Secondly, if teenagers speak up the possibility of being bullied would not occur. Bullies are normally scared when teenager speaks up because the bully loses control over the teenager. For example, in Mirror Game, a drama play shows a girl named Maggie, being assaulted by her best friend’s boyfriend. Maggie, however stopped the assault by speaking up and saying, “No,” in a strong, demanding attitude:
Maggie: Back off, Luke
Luke: Don’t fight it, feel it
Maggie: Cut it out!
Luke: I know you want it
Maggie: No!
Luke: Come on
Maggie: No! (Foon, 48)
Maggie was not afraid of speaking up because it would mean betraying her friend, and two the sexual assault from Luke would just go downhill. She made a clear message to Luke that she was not interested and he stopped later in the passage. Teenagers have to speak up and tell their bully that they are not interested because otherwise, the bully thinks that the teenager is playing “hard to get” when they honestly want the bully to stop. Sara, Luke’s girlfriend is the totally opposite of Maggie. Sara wants to break up with Luke, but is afraid of speaking up because she said, “if [she] left he’d kill himself, or he’d kill me,” (Foon 43) Luke is being manipulative towards Sara by saying he would kill himself if she broke up with him, so Sara feels she has a responsibility to stay with him. But if Sara speaks up, she would be doing herself a favor by no longer being controlled by him and getting help for Luke’s behavior. In conclusion, teenagers have to be able to tell a truth and a lie apart so the teenager would not be taken advantage of. Speaking up in this situation can save a person’s life of feeling regret, later in their future. For example, a true story, told from a teacher’s
friend said that she had gone through the experience of not speaking up. When she was in university, she was...

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