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Speaks Of Okonkwo Of "Things Fall Apart" By Chinua Achebe, And Charles Foster Kane Of Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane"

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Okonkwo, the main character of Things fall apart, by Chinua Achebe. And Charles Foster Kane of Orson Welles Citizen Kane, both have value systems that are incongruous with their cultures. Thus allowing them to be defeated by society. These are two men with a great need for recognition. Their need for something that was extinguished long ago. Okonkwos struggle to prove his greatness in the face of those who knew his father. Charles Foster Kane's void that must be filled. The relentless pursuit of respect, power. Okonkwo must conquer the image of weakness inside him and his fear of powerlessness. Both characters feel that their material possessions can earn them the respect they 'deserve'. CharlesFoster Kane is in search for something more simple than respect, he seeks his life. The path that should have been followed was dramatically altered, and his life took a completely new direction. ' I could have been a great man' he explains, if he only had the chance. The pride of these men who have no faults in their own minds, but struggle to erase the faults they know others can find. This essay will convey the value systems of each character in their culture and the cinematic and literary techniques used to magnify their presence in the works.Charles foster Kane was a child that was very fond of his mother, as seen in the first scene of the young characters life. Charles' father did not seem to have any attachment to his son. Appearing quite ignorant, we can detect the lack of a father figure in Charles' life. This first scene is recounted in the journal of Mr. Thatcher. The man that took the young boy away, and sent him to live in schools around the world. For the rest of his academic life. In this scene the protagonist receives a gift from Mr. Thatcher wishing him a merry Christmas. And cuts directly to a happy new year, some ten years later. Suggesting conveniently, the lack of a meaningful childhood. This editing technique carries the viewer quickly through time, to the beginning of Charles' idealism. The films plot is separated into flashbacks of the important people in Kane's life. Each flashback is in sequence with the events of his life. The nature of each flashback is consistent with the narrators opinion. The first flashback is that of Mr. Thatcher's. He was the only person involved in Charles' pre-adult life. Although not greatly involved, his presence is purely in the area of financial aspects. Bernstein's flashback focuses on a very positive and successful part of Kane's life. Which is concordant to Bernstein's idolization of Charles. Jed Leiland's flashback is centered on Kane's downfall, and so on. Throughout these recollections we slowly gather evidence with which to judge Kane. This evidence along with the cinematic techniques used, create a perfectly clear perception of the character's inner conflicts. The first occurrence Charles' selfish pride is depicted in a group of cuts with his new wife Emily. The first shot is of Emily being...

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1767 words - 7 pages ideals would have kept him from killing Ikemefuma, and the Earth would not have punished him. They would have allowed him to reason with Nwoye, the missionaries, and his clansmen. Instead, he chose the paths of extremity, of pure anger and aggression. Ultimately, those paths lead him to a tree, and Okonkwo hanged himself from it. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Anchor Books, 1994. Okafor, Clement. "Ibo Cosmology and the Parameters of Indivual Accomplishment ." (n.d.): 67-81.

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