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Special Education In Schools: Teachers Essay

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John Blighter is a teacher in a school composed completely of special needs students. The typical classroom consists of an average of three to eight students all coming from unstable backgrounds. Teachers may have to deal with physical safety issues, low pay, and high teacher turnover rates. Because of the conditions of the job, people may think that special educator hate their job.
It is generally assumed that special educators do not enjoy their occupation because of hazard. One of the biggest complaints special education teachers have about their profession was the physical danger they potentially faces on a day-to-day basis. Blighter actually states that he was “punched in the face ...view middle of the document...

Blighter states that “some people don't even stay a month . . . because they can't handle the stress.” Also, the amount of inexperienced teachers negatively affects the environment of the students. These students have difficultly connecting with multiple new teachers, and this is evident through their behavior. Students are more likely to respect a permanent teacher than the one they know nothing about and have just met.
Even though people may think that because special educators hate their jobs because they may be in danger, have a high turnover rate, or under paid, that is not the case. Despite all the issues with the special education system, it doesn’t stop teachers from enjoying their job. Blighter believes that his teaching is “making good in the world… helping kids who truly need help.” Some teachers honestly enjoy their jobs and could see themselves doing it for the rest of their lives even though they teach kids who are possibly the most difficult to teach.
Teachers like their jobs because they create a balance between the school’s behavioral pitfalls by implementing their own teaching style. For example some teachers use things like “individualized flashcards for one-on-one instruction” and “flip books…” (“Friday Afternoon is a Hit with Special Education Class,” 102). These fun little tools help the children connect with a teacher even if it’s a new one as well as get a better education.
Special Educators are in fact not as underpaid as the general population thinks. The average annual salary is “$56,830 for special education teacher, secondary school” (Special Education Teachers). Even if wages were too low, the majority of special education...

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