Special Education In The Us And Denmark

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The human right to have access to education is an international concern for people with disabilities. Countries have evolved from desegregation and separation to inclusive educational systems where students with disabilities. Denmark was one of the first countries for inclusion in school systems and special education within the regular school system has existed for 99 years, and special teacher training has a 66-year history (Egelund, 2000). The United States government has passed laws to include students in general education by mainstreaming them into public schools. These countries are compared and contrasted for their individual instructional attributes and educational qualifications of the countries special education inclusive program for people with disabilities.
The general structure and procedure of placing a child in a special education program in Denmark consists of several steps involving a large team of collaborative members consisting of the parents, student, members of the school, other professionals from organizations and the municipality. Once the team is organized, they discuss options and have a high priority to provide the student with additional school education, resources and assistance to limit the segregation of the student. The amount of assistance and resources supplied, is determined by the team and the severity of the students needs.
An important member of the team is a designated personnel from the educational-psychological advisory service (PPR) who is appointed to the student upon a request received from a parent or a person who interacts with the student daily. The educational-psychological advisory services play an important role in promoting inclusiveness in mainstream schools. Once a child is requested for an educational-psychological assessment, it is assumed that the student has needs or concern that cannot be met within a mainstream school class. If the student is proposed to receive special educational assistance in a special school, the parents are to receive an alternative proposal for teaching in the mainstream school - to be given either in the mainstream classroom or in a special class. The objective of special educational is to provide positive intervention approaches for students with special needs to give them equal status of an educational opportunity.
The teaching pedagogy in Denmark, is organized to correspond and represent the needs of individual students in special educational programs. The use of differentiated teaching methods is strongly implemented, not only by the individual teacher in the classroom, but as an overall principle of the school and well-being of the student. Programs and classes are designed to strengthen the students abilities to further their education, vocation and labor skills until they are the age of 25. Then they are offered special education for adults. Some students are offered a more comprehensive vocational training program than others. These...

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