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Special Education Strategies For General Education Teachers

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Inclusion impacts all general education teachers. On a daily basis, general education teachers are asked to differentiate instruction for students with disabilities. Depending on the availability of resources, some general education teachers have more support than others. The following one-day workshop is aimed at providing research-based strategies for general education teachers to support special education students in the general education classroom.
Desired Outcomes
Concluding this educational workshop, general education teachers will be able to use everyday resources available to them in order to increase positive behaviors for students with disabilities. General education teachers will also be able to easily differentiate their instruction and develop visual structure systems for students with disabilities. Finally, general education teachers will be able to implement this with resources that are accessible to them.
Learning Objectives
The following is a list of learning objectives that the participants will master at the conclusion of the one-day workshop.
1. Given classroom materials (i.e. paper, pens, calendars, etc), general education teachers will identify five strategies to increase positive behaviors for students with disabilities with a score of 3 on the behavioral strategies rubric.
2. Given classroom tools (i.e. clip art, markers, scissors, etc), general education teachers will develop visual structures for students with disabilities with a score of 3 on the visual structures rubric.
3. Given lesson plans, general education teachers will differentiate instruction for students with disabilities with a score of 3 on the instruction rubric.

Intended Audience
The one-day workshop will be targeted towards general education teachers who work with students with disabilities. The strategies taught in the workshop will be adaptable for primary, middle, and high school teachers. However, due to the differences at each age group, a one-day workshop for the individual levels (primary, middle, and high school) would be recommended. The general education teachers will range from novice to experienced teachers. The target audience will have at least a Bachelor’s degree; however, many teachers may have completed their Master’s degree or even their National Board Certification. The participants will have a wide range of age and ethnicity. Both male and female teachers will be present.
The one-day workshop will have no more than 100 participants at one time. This will allow the presenter to provide the information to more participants during the workshop. The general education teachers will have a varying breadth of prior knowledge on the subject matter. Some more experienced teachers may already have a toolbox of effective strategies; however, others may need to add to their repertoire of practiced methods. A percentage of teachers attending the workshop may disapprove of the idea of inclusion and have negative experiences. It...

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