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Special Education "" Final Exam Review 1999 1. You will be teaching a grade 3 class in September and want to use learning centres. Your class has a wide range of students including: 3 gifted, 3 with reading difficulties, 3 who act out and disrupt. Parents have been very resistant to the idea of centres because of the Grade 3 assessments. To address their concerns, the principal has arranged a Parent Meeting so that you can present your learning centres approach. Outline your presentation. Remember to include"¦ 2000 1. You are teaching a Grade 3 class. You are using learning centres, co-operative groups and "˜hands-on' learning activities. There is a wide range of ability in the class including: 2 gifted students and 1 with LD, all on IEP's. Justify this approach to the principal who wants you to "˜teach to the test' to get better assessment results. Remember to address"¦.A theoretical rationale for using centres."¢ According to Piaget"¦ "¢ use of concrete materials will better aid children in their learning "¢ Fosters problem solving "¢ Self-directed learning "¢ Knowledge creation, "¢ Children learn better by doing "¢ Children are active thinker and teacher must create challenges "¢ Teacher opportunities to invent and discover "¢ Confront children with questions and demonstrations, environmental manipulations "¢ Models and emphasizes new skills, attitudes and values of scientific inquiry "¢ Creates wonder, curiosity and respect "¢ Allows children to have significant voice and decision in the context and content of their work "¢ Nurtures collaboration "¢ Individual accountability "¢ According to Vgotsky"¦ "¢ Learning develops through social interaction "¢...

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1329 words - 5 pages having more precise ways to identify and classify children for the purpose of providing special education" (Reynolds & Gutkin, 1982 p.4). Furthermore, "...school psychology's major goals have been to provide direct and indirect psychological services to children and youth to improve their mental health and educational development" (Reynolds, Gutkin, Elliot, and Witt, 1984, p.1).Many of the greatest contributions to the field of school

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1558 words - 6 pages Roberts Thorndike, and a homemaker, Abbie Thorndike. According to the census, his father was born in 1841 and died in 1920, living for approximately 79 years. Edward L. Thorndike married a woman named Elizabeth Moulton on August 29th, 1900. His wife conceived a total of 5 children. Only one of his sons, named R.L. Thorndike, followed his father’s foot-steps by exploring the field of Educational Psychology and specializing in psychometric

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1952 words - 8 pages development were scrutinized and conclusions drawn concerning the accuracy and usefulness of these data for instructors and students of abnormal, developmental, and educational psychology.Two other investigations (Gillen, 1973; Hofmann & Vyhonsky, 1975) addressed more basic issues—the readability and human-interest scores of introductory psychology and educational psychology texts. Reviewing the findings of these studies, Hofmann and

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608 words - 2 pages I intend to give back to the community by combining knowledge obtained from the study of Psychology with the leadership skills I have gained by working in a tutorial program into a wide scale program for underprivileged school children of my community.   I plan to seize this immense educational opportunity with intellectual curiosity and maintain a high grade point average as I have done throughout the four years of my high school

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1310 words - 6 pages inclusion of children with special educational needs in the ordinary school in one local education authority. Educational Psychology, 20(2), 191-211. Avramidis, E., & Norwich, B. (2002). Teachers' attitudes towards integration / inclusion: a review of the literature, European Journal of Special Needs Education, 17:2, 129-147. Boutot, E. A., and Diane P. B. (2005). Social integration of students with autism in inclusive settings. Education and

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957 words - 4 pages I was in a remote village in the Peruvian Andes conducting art therapy with prisoners when I realized this was the most meaningful experience of my life, and it should not be. The study and practice of psychology are the place where my humanitarian and intellectual interests align. I am applying to the clinical psychology program to fulfil the training I need to continue to make meaningful contributions to society and also contribute to the

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2856 words - 12 pages /or modify existing theories; thereby, adding to the scienitific body of knowledge that will inform, educate, and train industry leaders, human resource personnel, organizations and their employees. References: Atkinson, R. K. (2002). Optimizing learning from examples using animated pedagogical agents. Journal Of Educational Psychology, 94(2), 416-427. doi:10.1037/0022-0663.94.2.416 Baylor, A. L. (2011). The design of motivational agents and

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1376 words - 6 pages include the meanings of mental processes to have an adequate description of it. Structuralism only focused on the elements of the mind. Functionalism argue that focusing on the elements of the mind ignore the fact that the mind had a special relationship with the body. Structuralism focuses on introspection, which according to Functionalism, is no longer to be considered the distinct method of psychology, nor consciousness. Functionalist

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1460 words - 6 pages psychology is extremely relevant with understanding the age and ability levels of my young students. Young children are undergoing extensive cognitive growth and you set the tone for their motivation toward academics in these early grades. As I will also be certified to teach in a special needs classroom, educational psychology becomes even more relevant to bring to the classroom. Special adaptations need to be met with these students and it is

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1114 words - 4 pages recognizes the influence of this population in the fabric of the nation. (Holvino, 2013)Latinas are one of the fastest growing groups of women in the U.S. labor force, but remain one of the least represented in the top positions at Fortune 500 companies according to the Network of Executive Women. This paper will make special recognition of Dr. Martha Bernal, an influential female figure in the field of psychology particularly and her overall outstanding

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918 words - 4 pages . Elizabeth where he teaches graduate level courses in assistive technology and coordinates the Graduate Programs in Special Education. Dr. Friedlander has authored numerous books, videos and informational material pertaining to the use of assistive technology in the classroom. Dr. Friedlander is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences on the topic of assistive technology and eLearning. 1.1. School Psychology Certified School

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1161 words - 5 pages diplomas in clinical, counseling, industrial organizational, and school psychology to those people with a doctoral degree with outstanding educational records and experience who can pass the required psychology examinations” (Hopke, 1993). All states require psychologists to be licensed or certified by a state board to practice independent, unsupervised psychology (Specialty, 1995). Bowling Green University, Notre Dame, and University of Florida (U.F

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992 words - 4 pages Edward Thorndike. At this point in her life, she had published a total of nine articles and a book. She took on the position as an instructor of Educational Psychology at Columbia University where she continued for the rest of her career. In 1916, Hollingworth became extremely fascinated with exceptional children and soon developed one of the first special education courses. When the Stanford-Binet Intelligence scale was introduced, she was the