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Eli Evans
Synthesis Essay
Compulsory voting has been brought up a few times in America. It is practiced in countries including Australia, Brazil, and Costa Rica, where people of age will be fined for not casting a ballot. It’s purpose is to increase voter turnout and have elections that more accurately represent the public’s opinions. Some say the practice is unconstitutional. I personally say that people of age should be fined for not voting.
Compulsory voting is seen to be very effective in different places around the world and I believe that America should adopt these ways. In the article written by nathaniel Stephanopoulos he brings up some very good points relating to the topic at hand. He says he used “data from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance to compare participation rates in countries that do and don’t require voting. Between 1945 and 2015, turnout hovered around 85 percent in compulsory voting countries (like Australia, Belgium, and Brazil). But it fell from 75 percent to 65 percent in countries with voluntary voting”(Stephanopoulos 1). This data that was obtained clearly proves that compulsory voting definitely changes the voter turnout. Many people may not have the extra fine money to not vote, leaving them no choice but to vote.
Compulsory voting is seen to not be very popular...

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