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Special Effects Movie Essay

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Have you ever watched a movie with special effects? The movies that are referred to can be suspenseful or an action packed film with special effects that include explosions, stunts or virtual characters. That is the creation and job of a Multimedia Artist/Animator, they bring fun and excitement to movies and games on a daily basis. Some multimedia artist work on movies,cartoons, and video games. A multimedia artist creates special effects on a computer and places the object in a film or a game. Another task that Multimedia Artist/Animator’s are highly skilled at are special effects, they can perform explosions or animate images that seem unrealistic. In their skill set they can adjust the lighting, brighten the scene and make Superman fly simply by fine tuning graphics for a scene to make it realistic.

Multimedia artists don’t just focus on creating graphics and animation with computer programs they create special effect referred to as ‘FX’ along with editing movies to make them more life like, the more realistic a movie is, the more a multimedia artist was likely involved in making that movie or game a success(“Multimedia”...U.S.para.9). In addition, multimedia artists work on developing storyboards that map out scenes for a movie or a game(“Multimedia”...U.S.para.10). Multimedia artist also work with a team of animators to complete special task with projects that relate to different forms of the many movies or games know today(“Multimedia”...U.S.para.9). They also perform research for upcoming projects to see if they can add value to upcoming productions(“Multimedia”..U.S.para.9). Multimedia artists also need to be creative and have an artistic talent(“Multimedia”...U.S.para.22). One of the specific jobs for multimedia artists is they use a program that can create a 3D model and they also use a program to make the model move to bring the formation to life(“Multimedia” para.4). Multimedia artists can work in the fields of animation , interactive technology, and game design(“Multimedia Artist”para.23).

In order to master the skills in this position one will have to go to college and take specialized courses that lead to a certificate or degree.There are technical and specialized studies that are required to perform this job function such as natural science, social science and English to name a few of the courses that have to be taken to achieve the education and knowledges needed to perform these technical tasks(“Multimedia” .para.13).One of the most important units that will be required to achieve a bachelor's degree for a multimedia artist position is computer graphics, animation, film and creative drawing (“Multimedia”...U.S. para.3). It will also require a lot of hands on, on the job training to truly be successful in this role(“Multimedia” para.3).

As one may expect when researching a career path, salary expectations is another item that is questionable. The average median salary for a...

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