Special Interest Group The Perception And Rights Of High School

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Special Interest Group The Perception and Rights of High School Students As far back as anyone can remember there have been judgements made against teenagers in high school. Although some of these judgements may be true a lot of them are false. Many people think that because they know or have heard of one teen dying from drug use, or a girl who left her newborn in a dumpster that that is what all teenagers are doing. My hope is to prove that today's teenagers are not all about drinking, smoking, having sex and dropping out of school.Although there are some teens who drop out of school, the drop out rate among American teenagers has greatly decreased. A survey taken by the U.S. census shows that the drop out rate has decreased 3% since 1970. In the 70's an average of 12.2% of students dropped out of school and the latest survey taken in 1994 shows that only 9.2% of students had dropped out. This statistic proves that the majority of teens are going to school and will graduate. I believe that this decrease is due to the fact that public schools are spending more money on keeping students in school. For example, programs such as night school and up to speed give students the option to take classes at night and make up for the times they messed up. Rather than dropping out students now have the chance to graduate and make something of their lives. I feel that with all the programs being offered we should strive to have a 0% drop out rate. In order to achieve this schools need to be given money to keep their special programs going and a law needs to be passed that will no longer allow students to drop out at the age of 16. Having this law allows teens to take the easy way out. If this law is removed more teens will be forced to graduate. If the law is removed a new law should be passed that states that there will be no dropping out if your school provides the proper programs to keep you in school. If you stop showing up to school you will be given a ticket and be expected to return to school. By giving public schools more funding and passing this new law the American teens will have no reason and there will be excuse as to why a child dropped out of school.The second judgement that people tend to make about teens is that all teens drink, smoke and do drugs. This may be one of the more true judgements about teens. A study taken by the Teen Assessment Project shows that about 55% of American teens have used alcohol at one point in time, that 30% of teens use alcohol at least once a month and that 12% of teens use alcohol at least once a week. This statistic is rather scary. I feel that one way to stop this problem is imply harsher punishment to adults who supply minors with alcohol, as well as harsher punishment for minors who are caught with alcohol or who are got drinking (despite where the alcohol came from). 70% of teens say that is it easy to obtain alcohol. Another scarier statistic is the fact that 40% of all high school students have reported...

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