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Special Educational Needs

What are the four separate categories of Special Educational Needs and constituent sub-categories, as detailed in the S.E.R.C. report?

1. Pupils with learning difficulties and disorders
·     Pupils in need of Remedial Teaching (Learning Support)
·     Pupils with Specific Learning Disabilities
·     Pupils with Specific Speech and Language disorders

2. Pupils with Physical and Sensory Disabilities
·     Pupils with Physical Handicap
·     Pupils with Hearing Impairment
·     Pupils with Visual Impairment

3. Pupils with Mental Handicap and with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders
·     Pupils with Mild Mental Handicap
·     Pupils with Moderate Mental Handicap
·     Pupils with Severe / Profound Mental Handicap
·     Pupils with Emotional and or Behavioural Disorders
·     Pupils with Childhood Autism

4. Pupils with Other Special Needs
·     Pupils who are Educationally and Socially Disadvantaged
·     Children of the Travelling Community
·     Pupils who are Exceptionally Able or Talented

What are the seven principles of Special Education as detailed in the S.E.R.C. Report?

·     All children, including those with special educational needs have a right to an appropriate education.
·     The needs of the individual child should be the paramount consideration when decisions are being made concerning the provision of special education for that child.
·     The parents of a child with special education needs are entitled and should be enabled to play an active part in the decision-making process: their wishes should be taken into consideration when recommendations on special educational provision are being made.
·     A continuum of services should be provided for children with special educational needs ranging from full-time education in ordinary classes, with additional support as necessary, to full-time education in special schools.
·     Except where individual circumstances make this impracticable, appropriate education for all children with special educational needs should be provided in ordinary schools
·     Only in the most exceptional circumstances should it be necessary for a child to live away from home in order to avail of an appropriate education.
·     The state should provide adequate resources to ensure that children with special educational needs can have an education appropriate to those needs.

What are the stages in the continuum of services to meet the needs of children with...

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