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Special Needs Children In The Bahamas

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Ms. Valerie Percentie is an accountant in the healthcare financial system and has worked in this capacity for thirty seven years. Ms. Percentie has a daughter that is going to be thirty five years old on March 12th, 2014. Joenishka Ishnell Roberts was diagnosed with Rubella Syndrome. This is as a result of Ms. Percentie, during her first trimester, being exposed to the German measles and not being aware that she was ten days pregnant. Hence, Joenishka was born blind and deaf. During the time Joenishka was school age she attended the center for the deaf, but it was a challenge at that institute as she was also blind and the school catered specifically those that were deaf or hearing ...view middle of the document...

Due to the fact that Joenishka sometimes displayed an aggressive behavior when her needs are not catered to, her presence is sometimes not appreciated.
Within the home there were no such accommodations that were necessary to assist in make the home a comforting one for the child. With the know situation Ms. Percentie purchased ‘My Life” by Helen Keller when her daughter was three as a guide to assist with dealing with daughter disabilities. The other two siblings too read the book so they could have some understanding of what their sister was experiencing. Joenishka underwent three surgeries to remove the cataracts that prevented her from seeing; this allowed her some sight and this lead to the child being more mobile. Again, thanks was given to the staff of Sandilands where Joenishka was taught by Ms. Betty Bastian and Ms. Aranha how to do some things for herself, like hold a the spoon and feeding herself and going to the bathroom without assistance. Therefore, most of the schooling years went spent at Sandilands where I was also employed at the time. When the child had reached the age of twelve her mother started looking at school abroad. The school...

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