Special Populations: Teaching Materials And Assessment

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Special Populations
The special populations that were in Enterprise Elementary were special education students, ESL students, and gifted and talented learners. With the large differences in academic performance and understanding, there was still a requirement to teach the students all the same information. The curriculum required to teach in the classroom is written to be universal, without exception. However, because there are students of different abilities changes have to be made in the way the curriculum is taught that makes it possible for each member of the classroom to learn what is required of them. To help students succeed, modifications have been made to portions of the curriculum to benefit the lower learners. Some of the modifications were adapting instructional strategies, instructional materials used, and curricular content and assessment practices. Teachers adapt instructional strategies by using more presentation cues to emphasize key points, scaffolding key concepts to be learned, and incorporation of manipulative for learners’ use. Teachers use varying instructional design which includes whole group, small group, and cooperative learning activities.
Adapting teaching materials involves making changes to the equipment during the course of instruction. Materials are adapted in four ways, adjusting the readability level of written materials, enhancing critical features of the content within the materials themselves, designing materials with features that appeal to all senses, and selecting alternate instructional materials for their durability or safety features.
Changing curricular content would adjust the cognitive demand of a learning task for a...

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