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Special Possessions Essay

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My heart was beating so loudly that you could hear it from miles away. My body quivered uncontrollably as if I had seen a ghost. I sobbed so much that if you gathered my tears, you could make an ocean with them. Eventually, my eyes turned bloodshot as I ran out of tears. As I sat in a corner as dark as my sorrow, I caught my breath in rugged gasps. All I had left to remind me of her, her charming personality, and her inspirational messages was her charm bracelet, which I always keep safely worn around my wrist. Now that she’s gone, all I have left of my grandma is her charm bracelet.

My grandma’s charm bracelet is an important possession that has special meaning. It reminds me of her personality. It also signifies all the good times I had with her. On my grandma’s bracelet are many different charms. Each charm was a part of her. One of her favorite charms was a pink ribbon, given to her by my grandpa. My grandpa got her this charm because it signified her determination. I remember when my grandma was determined that she would make it to my spelling bee. She found out the day before the spelling bee and got the next round-trip flight to Florida, all the way from India. She got here half an hour before the spelling bee commenced and was there to witness me win first place in the District Spelling Bee. Now, if that doesn’t show determination, then I don’t know what does! Another charm on my grandma’s charm bracelet is a smiley face. My grandma’s sister gave her this charm on her birthday. This charm signified her humor. My grandma could humor everyone during a bad situation. I remember when my grandma said the funniest thing when my aunt received a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the road. Everyone forgot that they had to pay a hefty fine and started laughing. Another charm of my grandma’s bracelet was a rainbow. This rainbow charm was given to her by her friend. This rainbow signified her imagination. My grandma has a very creative mind. I remember last Christmas; we needed flowers to decorate the house. As we headed out the door, my grandma came up with a quick and creative idea. She showed us how to make Christmas flowers using empty water bottles. She cut the top of the water bottle, and then cut six slits to make the petals. Then she folded the plastic back so it looked like the petals were drooping down. Then, she decorated each flower red or green. My grandma’s creativity saved us money and time. My grandma’s charm bracelet reminds me of her personality since each charm signifies a specific quality of her’s.
My grandma’s charm bracelet reminds me of her presence....

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