Special Race Regulations This Paper Is An Interesting Look At Reverse Racism. It Also Has A Works Cited.

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With both eyes blackened, blood pouring down his lips, one arm smashed and the other hanging limply to his side, the lifeless young man staggers to a nearby sidewalk. He has been a victim of racial violence. Although beaten viciously for no other apparent reason than the color of his skin, he stands no chance of convicting his perpetrators with a hate crime; he is white, wealthy and male. Although widely supported and accepted, special racial regulations are not only appallingly racist, they are wrong.One cannot ignore the great anguish "African-Americans" have suffered, or the torments of any race or ethnicity; however, two wrongs (oppression) will never make a right. What moral principle can justify "forcing a white of today" to repay "a black of today" for what happened between a white and a black of yesteryear? (Rand). The answer is strait and honest, there is no such principle. The thought is absurd. Punishing an innocent party and catering to an arbitrary race is ludicrous. There is not a living sole who can rationalize unequal rights for anyone based upon the shade of their skin or any other variant factor. The world lives in "nation[s] of minorities where nearly everyone belongs" to some "other group or shares" some discriminatingly victimized heritage, pain does not belong to one color (Bender 36). Because affliction is blind, it hits whoever it pleases, and to sympathize judgingly with ones eyes wide open is more unequal than the initial act itself. It is impossible to give everyone a cookie cutter life, but to give an equal opportunity is not unattainable. Throughout history, blacks, as well as whites, have been equally oppressed; to favor one over the other can never be considered justice.Minorities may suffer, as do all humans, but belligerent "us against them" attitudes can only further the chains of segregation that binds them to their miseries (Bender 36). To carry out an action, one must ponder it first. By mentally separating one race from another, as a matter of course they will be physically estranged. As minorities and whites alike consider their races separate, they are incapable of merging together. A famous black sympathizer once said that "a house divided against itself cannot stand," and the whole world, white or black, brown or yellow, for their sakes, must heed these words (qtd in Haiman 22). If humans, as a race, refuse to come together they are as uncivilized as animals, if not more so, and will regress further than animals if they do not change their ways. The great humanitarian, Martin Luther King Jr. once told the world not to "wallow in the valley of despair" but to rise up as brothers and sisters of the human race (qtd in Rand). When one wallows they stagger, and when one staggers they are immobile. If man is immobile he must inevitably fall behind. By composing lines of boundary in accordance with hate or discrimination, man only creates boundaries upon his own progression and joy.Americans as well as all men...

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