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Specific Applications Of Music Therapy In Obstetric Practice

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Generally the maternal and pediatric nursing care targets well-being of the expectant mothers during all duration of pregnancy, childbirth and the first four weeks just after the birth, as well as furnishing adequate intrauterine development of the fetus and wholesome growth of the newborn. That means that providing care for mothers extends the framework of nursing process (assessment, implementation, and evaluation) from assurance of healthy childbearing through conduction of alleviating childbirth to satisfaction of the early parenting and requires elongation of the nurse's roles to the compilation into one of all following: health teacher, coordinator, deliver and supervisor, advocate, consultant, counselor, case finder and epidemiologist, environmental interpreter, surrogate, researcher, role model, and case manager. Furthermore the holistic approach demands understanding of the clients needs in whole context of her experience and undoubtedly within the established attitudes and values on the family life course. Successfully fulfilling of these goals stipulates for wide knowledge of the physiology of the childbearing, childbirth and childcare and psychological aspects of all as well. Accepting this approach as a general guideline of a practice, enhances the nurse with opportunities to use complementary to allopathic medicine therapies in order to achieve the best outcomes for the client and her family. The purpose of this paper is to present student's understanding of the parents' transitions during the pregnancy, women's concerns both physiological and psychological regarding delivery and post partum period in terms of addressing the client's needs; overview the neuroscientific ground and general principles of music therapy as a part of broader psychotherapeutic intervention; and report outcomes related operating music therapy in obstetrics units as they correspond to the patient's requisites defined in the first part of the paper.PARENTS' TRANSITIONS DURING CHILBEARING, CHILDBIRTH AND POSPARTUM PERIOD AS AIM OF NURSING IMPLEMENTATIONS.The experience of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood is a universal developmental step shared by most couples at some stages of their life course regardless their structure, parenting readiness, or willingness. It provides partners within family with challenge yet opportunities for maturation and growth as individuals and in tandem, establishment at new level of partnership communication and unfoldment their capacities to improve their values and attitudes considering health, psychological strength and wellness. Traditionally, the leading figure during this metamorphosis is the wife bearing all variety of outcomes desirable as well the responsibility for invention and ignition of changes. Furthermore, the father's transition to parenthood was the next focus of the society concerns. However, the contemporary approach demands observing the changes of partners in their interrelations, accounting the...

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