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Individual Motivation At Work Essay

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Individual Motivation at Work2010

Individual Motivation at Work

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Abstract"Show me the money, show me respect and show me attention…or show me the door."This study is about influence of work motivation and job performance. It is recommended that both employers and employees should be motivated at work and the organization need to encourage them to make their more valuable contributors to the success of the company.Contents4I. Introduction 4II. Motivation 5III. Employee needs 6IV. Job performance 6V. Ways to motivation employees 6VI Conclusion 6References IntroductionThere are many factors that play into the concept of individual motivation at work. It is two-way communication between employee's perspective and employer's behavior. As the result, the researching in motivation is not only to identify and satisfy employee needs but also to enhance the process of performance management.MotivationMotivation is a wish to attain a goal, included the effort and perseverance to work hard for that goal (Robbins, Millet & Waters-Marsh, 2004). Understanding of human needs scientifically is one of the key aspects of most enduring theories of motivation (Whetten & Cameron 2007).The two-factor theory was built by Herzberg in the 1950s comprising intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. It emphasizes on job satisfaction and productivity of one working in the organizational environment (Baldonado & Spangenburg 2009). However, this section discusses the context of intrinsic motivators only.The intrinsic rewards are something coming from deep down of someone stated through achievement, the task itself, responsibility, advancement, growth and recognition (Baldonado & Spangenburg 2009). Nowadays, many organizations always concern how to encourage intrinsic motivators in the employees as they want their employees get the feelings of self-control and self-direction in the jobs and freely manage their jobs by their own ways to reach their working goals (Ceja&Navarro 2008).In our modern world, motivation plays an important role in workplace. It helps to make employees endure and work more productive to the company's organizations. People will not be motivated if they do not know what is expected of them so that if the employee can see how their success contributes to the big picture, they will feel motivated and enjoy being part of the team.It can be brought on by employer or reside within the employee. For instance, when the employers care about their employee's welfare, the employees will have higher level of motivation and put more effort on their work.Moreover, motivation is base on giving people their own priorities in relation to the rewards they get from work. This reward is not only about money but also about friendship, security, or recognition. Most individual need to feel their action can see the results through power to influence and they will have to have their own responsibilities. For many people, the...

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