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My generation of the Joes family has experienced a curriculum where students of different schools are able to read different texts but my parent's generation has experienced an entire nation following the same curriculum and reading the same texts. Having all students read the same books and follow the same curriculum has a greater benefit for all the students in the nation because everyone is on the same educational level. Being on this same educational level, all the students in the nation applying to colleges would be given the same opportunity. Although there are some cons to this idea such as the fact that teachers will no longer be able to have the amount of freedom to teach and their students might get bored of such a dry curriculum; the pros of an equal education where no one student from a state is better equipped for higher education because of their teachers choices outweighs the cons.While freedom in education does open the minds of the students, an equal curriculum can encourage students of different states or counties to have more rigor in their courses. Under the most frequently required titles table, comparing just public schools with private schools, public schools are required to read Julius Caesar 70% of the time while private schools are only required to read it 42% of the time. This significance in the percentages can students in public high schools are more prepared with that aspect of literature while the students in private school have no knowledge about it. Without having this knowledge, students of public schools will be more ready in college if references are made to Julius Caesar while the private school students won't be able to make the correlation. An example of inequalities between counties would be Montgomery County and Frederick County. The curriculum in Frederick County is less vigorous but since they take AP courses there too, they could be getting the same grades as the student in Montgomery County who is taking a rigorous AP course. This inequality would show that the Frederick County students are equally or more capable than the Montgomery County students which is not true because the only reason that the Frederick County students are receiving the good grades is because of their easy curriculum. As indicated by Robert M. Fowler, "The cannon was appropriate to a centralized educational system, in which everyone studied the same subjects and the same texts in order to introduce into the standards of cultural life." This basic introduction to cultural life cannot be upheld if the students all over a nation are not required to read the same texts. My parent's generation is from Peru, in Peru; all the students all over the nation read the same texts and study the same material. This is beneficial because when its time for them to compete to get into a spot in college, all the students of the nation are equally prepared with the same amount of culture and knowledge. Reading the same texts all over a nation...

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