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Specifications Of A Typical Computer Essay

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Product Name: HP ENVY 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop
Basic Specification: Silver (Intel Core i7-4700MQ / 1TB HDD / 16GB RAM / Windows 8)
Cost: $949.99
• Size: Laptop Depth : 25.1 cm
• Laptop Width
38 cm
Laptop Thickness: 1.2 inches
Basic Description: Equipped with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor this machine helps you boasts the net with a large capacity of 16GB RAM. The HP ENVY 15.6" touchscreen is an energy-star qualified laptop which provides exceptional performance to its users that can accommodate almost any task. This beast allows you to watch movies, listen to music like any other laptop but also allows you to edit photos while performing these tasks; you can also lose ...view middle of the document...

The HP Envy comes with a touchscreen display.

Processor Type: The brand of processor (Central Processing Unit) installed in your system. It acts like the brain of your computer as it works with other devices installed on your computer to help manage tasks or even multi-task from surfing the web, uploading files or reading your e-mail to viewing high-definition content, playing 3D games and video + photo editing. The processor on this laptop is the Intel Core i7-4700MQ
Processor Cores: A processor includes 2 or more cores which allows for increased performance as it is similar to having additional ‘brains' to your computer. The more cores the processor has, the more instructions it can process simultaneously and without lagging. Any demanding applications such as 3D games or HD video editing will benefit from having this additional processing power as the additional brains installed on the machine will help you milti-task with such activities. This laptop contains 4 cores (quad-core processing machine).
Processor Speed: This is measured in Gigahertz (GHz), and refers to the speed at which the CPU is able to perform its function, tasks and calculations. A higher processor speed revenues faster performance from the CPU. In simple terms the processor performs at a speed which refers to the specification: Processor Speed. The speed of the processor in this laptop is 2.7 GHz. This is also referred as the clock speed where this machine a powerful 2.7 billion cycles per second at a speed of 2.7 gigahertz.
Hard Drive Capacity: Measured in GB (Gigabytes) or TB (Terabytes), this is the capacity of your hard drive where you can store documents, images, programs and other data. It also contains a read-write mechanism which allows you to store more data. The larger the drive is, more space will be allotted for the formatting of the drive. The capacity of the hard drive in the product I chose is 1TB or 1000 GB
Hard Drive Speed: A hard disc drive's speed is measured in revolutions per minute and tells how fast it operates. The faster the speed is the faster the computer will access information, which can contribute to both decreasing the start-up time and overall performance of the computer. The revolutions per minute the hard drive takes in HP Envy is 5400 rounds per minute.
RAM Size: Random Access Memory is the temporary memory your computer which uses to store files that are currently being use or running. The more RAM you have, the better. Why? Well because it allows you to multi-task more efficiently and allows smoother web surfing. If you have less RAM then you might not be able to run your PC on an exceptional speed for a longer period of time. You can usually add more RAM to your computer if it slows down. My product contains a humungous amount of 16 GB of RAM.
RAM Type: RAM (Random Access Memory) is an important part of how a computer is able to carry out tasks. The type of RAM, is just as important as the RAM size. Older types of RAM, such as...

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