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The Audgines fled their home, and collapsed at the sight of their burning sanctuary. Their tears flowed like rivers at the sight of the smoldering rubble, because their grandfather had been left behind and burned alive. These hate acts became genocide, for people were deliberately killing others based on their values. In the Ivory Coast, located in sub-Saharan Africa, many citizens experienced horror stories like the Audgines, and fled to Liberian borders into refugee camps. In the beginning, it seemed like a regular presidential election. However, when Gbagbo, the previous president, refused to step down to Ouattara, the newly elected president, violence ensued. The civil war soon escalated into genocide when supporters of Ouattara clashed with Gbagbo’s, while troops targeted innocent civilians, and when both sides committed heinous acts against children.
After Gbagbo refused to step down, Ouattara and his supporters launched rebellions and strikes against government forces. Ouattara had won the election “with 54.1 percent of the vote” (Lewis), but the Constitution Council, an ally of Gbagbo, declared the votes of the northern regions invalid. This put Gbagbo with “a majority of 51.45 percent against Ouattara” (AFP). With this, Gbagbo declared that he was the rightful president, and took the office of president once more. Throughout the entire debacle, Ouattara asserted himself as the lawful president, telling reporters “[he was] the elected president of the Republic of Ivory Coast” (BBC News). The reactions in the country were drastic. Soon, rallies from both pro-Gbagbo and pro-Ouattara sides began populating the entire country. They turned violent when Gbagbo’s military forces fired “live bullets and tear gas” (Aboa) to disperse the protestors. In only three months, three hundred had been killed by these troops. Nevertheless, the rest of the world recognized Ouattara as the democratically elected president and began to supply military support.
The troops of both Gbagbo and Ouattara targeted innocent civilians based on their beliefs, which also led the United Nations to take a strong stance and mobilize peacekeeping troops. In the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1975, the UN condemned the acts of Gbagbo, and urged Ivory Coast citizens to acknowledge that Ouattara was the “winner of the election” (Colombant). After the arrival of the peacekeeping troops, heavy fighting broke out, as pro-Ouattara and UN forces captured the capital of Abidjan. Ouattara’s forces also launched “assaults on Gbagbo’s fortified presidential residence” (Harding). Amidst all this fighting, many innocent civilians were killed from crossfire and both sides committed hate crimes. In the Duékoué massacre, attackers killed “at least 1000 civilians” (Al Jazeera). Most victims were Gbagbo supporters, and some were “burnt alive, and some corpses were thrown down a well” (Harding). Pro-Ouattara forces were targeting people of Guere ethnicity, regular supporters of...

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