Speech About Events Of 29th August 1985

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Hurricanes, Fires, Space Rockets being fixed to their bases, all happening in a short span of time, is what most of us expect to see in Hollywood movies that are filled with disasters and heroes. Has it occurred to any of you that all this may have happened in one day in a short span of 24 hours? Yes ladies and Gentle men I am talking about the day I was born. 29th August 1985. And the events that I just mentioned earlier are not out of a book but real events that took place on this warm late summer day of the 80'sToday I'd like to share with you the events that occurred 18 years ago. The natural disasters that took many human lives and the great progress made my man in the field of science.Knowing more about days such as this can make us realize that what we watch on Television and in movies is not actually a real innovation from the story writer or the producer but the root of all these ideas is nature itself and all that it can do, it can be said that fiction is inspired from non - fiction.Timothy Elena P. Marshall reports in an article that, early morning on this day, in the US strong winds started blowing, strongly in toward the northern cities of US, the water level rose up to a maximum of 14 feet and the minimum water level as high as 4 feet.(Hurricane Elena Damage Survey: September 2, 1985). Another article about the 29ht August 1985, written by Richard and Robert mentions a Butte Fire that happened in...

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