Speech: Against Capital Punishment

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Speech: Against Capital Punishment

MOTION: " We believe that capital punishment is not needed in a
civilised community."

Imagine yourself in a small, isolated cabin waiting to be led to your
execution. A small, scrawny man comes to collect you. Your whole life
rushes past you as you take your few, final footsteps to the execution

This is the thought 7,000 people have experienced in the last 18
months. These people were executed cruelly by capital punishment in
countries all over the globe. 970 of these people were women and
children. The countries allowing this barbaric method of punishment to
happen have probably never thought about whether this scheme of
punishment is actually successful in the deterring of crime. I have
many reasons for arguing against capital punishment. Firstly, I
believe that it is a failure as a deterrent of crime, which can be
seen by comparing the criminal statistics of those countries where the
punishment is in use, with those countries where it has been

Capital punishment violates the right to live, a right everyone has
even if they are mass murderers. Crimes punishable by death include
rape, murder, adultery and kidnapping, all which should be punishable
in a more civilized way and not by the death sentence. All in all,
there are thirty-five crimes punishable by death, ranging from
assassinations to shoplifting. As a community, we should attempt to
help these people by giving them counselling, for example, instead of
execution. No person should be killed for a crime, no matter what the
crime is, because two wrongs do not make a right. No problems would be
solved, but would only prevent the perpetrator from taking part in
another execution whereas, if the accused were to be put in jail, then
there would no longer be an opportunity for more crimes to be
committed by this person.

Many of the accused, which are sentenced to death, are hanged. This
method often does not kill the criminal straight away, but lets them
dangle on the rope tied around their neck, until they die of
strangulation, slowly and painfully. Some criminals are stoned by the
public. This is when the criminal is tied to a wooden post, in the
centre of the town, and is stoned by people living in the town. In
some countries the size of the stones used is regulated so that pain
is maximised and the person does not die quickly. This shows just how
savage we have become. There are not many other things in this world
as inhumane as this punishment- capital punishment. There are
alternative punishments, though. These can be from life imprisonment
for major crimes such as murder, to community service and education
programs for minor crimes such as shoplifting.

There may be a brutalizing effect upon society by the carrying out of
executions. The killings...

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