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Speech Aimed At Educators Why They Should Bring Children To Maropeng

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Speaker 1Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for joining us today. As you will no doubt have heard in the news, a new initiative in the Cradle of Humankind has been opened, called Maropeng. It is a government funded project which will hopefully boost the South African economy by attracting tourists from all over the world. Maropeng can also be used as an educational facility, which is why we have brought you here today. My colleagues will share with you how exactly this can be achieved. It's not necessary for you to be lectured on the "boring details", so we will be telling you about the many ways that Maropeng can 'Edutain', as well as facilities that cater for school trips and the suchlike.Insert nameThank you (name). Good afternoon everyone, my name is (name). I will be telling you a little about prices- okay, we said we wouldn't be giving you 'boring details', but sometimes it's necessary so you will have to bear with me! What you basically need to know is that the price per learner for an unguided tour around Maropeng is R25, while a guided tour is R35. A guided tour around the Sterkfontein caves is R20 per learner. For the full experience, it's just R50 per pupil- and best of all, every teacher per ten learners can get in for free! Obviously we realize that for some schools situated far from Maropeng, coming all the way to Maropeng only to see half the attractions but to have paid the full price, it's a bit unfair. For this reason, two children's dormitories have been built at Maropeng, each able to sleep 60 learners. The price per night is R150 a piece, but this also includes three meals.Insert nameGood afternoon, my name is .........., and my colleagues, ............ &............. would like to tell you about important fossils found at Maropeng, as well as the main attractions at our beautiful World Heritage Site.Well, everybody has heard about 'Mrs Ples', but who is she? Mrs Ples was almost human- like a teacher one might say! Jokes aside, she was born and died around 2 million years ago. She could walk upright, and had a similar brain structure to a chimpanzee. Her skull was discovered in 1947 by Doctor Robert Broom and his assistant, John Robinson. The discovery of Mrs Ples highlighted the controversial issue that perhaps humankind was born out of Africa. Mrs Ples received her name after Broom wrongly designated her species as Plesianthropus transvaalensis, or 'near-human from tranvaal'. She's actually an Australopithecus africanus. And this wouldn't be a true South African fossil without some scandal, so here's the truth- recent research shows that Mrs Ples is actually a MAN! But why are we telling you about Mrs Ples? For the same reason that ......... will tell you about Little Foot- these are some of the most important fossils ever discovered, and they are both on display at Maropeng.(next person)Hi everyone, I'm going to tell you a sad little tale. Once upon a time, around 4, 17 million years ago, a poor little...

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