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Before puberty all voices, male or female, sound alike. But as the hormones come into play, they cause the male larynx to become larger and the vocal folds lengthen and thicken. Not only are there internal factors that play a role in the voice changing there are also physical factors, depending on the height and weight of an individual that could affect the tone, pitch and frequency. The purpose of this assignment was to better understand these differences.

As defined in our class manual, voice onset time (VOT) refers to the time difference between a voiced stop closure and a voiceless stop. It is determined by the articulatory blockage at the beginning of vocal fold vibration for the ...view middle of the document...

I found that I had a hard time determining the fundamental frequencies because some of my vocal peaks were not as clearly marked. Thus, making me choose either a wave that was closer to my measure or choosing one that may have been too low. Those previous problems I encountered were all electronic, however that might not be the only factor. On the day of recordings, I was diagnosed with strep throat, causing my tonsils and lymph nodes to be swollen, which could explain why my voice is more hoarse and breathy, causing more interformants in my spectrograms.

There is no question, that there is a difference in male and female voices. On average, male voices are usually lower in pitch, resulting in a fundamental frequency from 85 to 180Hz. This is because of the vocal folds. Depending on the thickness, if air passes through a thin opening, you will get a deeper pitch. If air passes through a large opening, you get a higher pitch, which gives a voice a more female-like sound.

My results in the emotion chart showed more of a difference than Marks, this might be because females have a tendency to articulate in ways that create longer acoustic differences among vowels. This is...

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