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Speech And Rebutal: The International Effects Of Globalization

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(quote) “It has been said that arguing about globalization is like arguing against the law of gravity” (unquote)- Kofi Annand, Former UN secretary-General. Moving on, allow me to put forward my two substantial points. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to globalization, a world without borders. What does actually globalization entail? It is not only borderless trade, but also exchange of knowledge as well as human resources. I would like to focus on the exchange of knowledge.
Globalization has forced us to interact and be dependent on people from outside the country. This kind of interaction is extremely crucial in order for us to keep up with the rest of the world. Sharing and exchanging of knowledge is not something new. Expatriates who work in Malaysia are valuable assets for us. They bring about development to our country as they share their knowledge, skills, experience and expertise that might be rare or unavailable in our country.
According to a study released by the Harvard Business School, nearly half of the scientist and engineers in the United States are foreign workers. Imagine what would America be without these foreign workers? The study also revealed that over the past 15 years, the number of inventions has increased when the contributions of foreign inventors is higher. They have also indicated that those brainpower foreign graduates of US universities in science, technologies, engineering and math’s field have raised Gross Domestic product (GDP) by about $13.6 billion in 2008 and contributed $2.7 to $3.6 billion in taxes.
Malaysia is not spared. Malaysia economic transformation effort still requires brainpower i.e. foreign workers to develop the Malaysian sources. According to the labor force survey by the Department of Statistics, the percentage of skilled workers in Malaysia is 25.3%. This is low compared to other developed nations like Singapore which hire 51.9% skilled workers.
Why do we need foreign workers so much? The answer is easy. There is a need for transferring of skill, technology and knowledge. By 2020, Malaysia needs 1.3 million skilled workers. To meet this demand, Malaysia has established polytechnics, community colleges and other training centers. For this reason, we need trainers imported from other countries as they are generally more experienced, their ideas are worthwhile and their thinking is different. This will save the budget as locals are trained locally instead of being sent overseas. Through this program, students can acquire skills and knowledge needed in order to remain competitive.
Ladies and gentlemen, members of the floor, my second proposal is that foreign workers are a boon in our country as it gives us benefits on socio-cultural aspect. We believe that it is more exciting to go to work when you can mingle with people from all over the globe. You will feel like you are travelling abroad without actually going to those countries. This experience is indeed priceless. Imagine yourself going to...

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