Speech: Genetically Engineered Designer Babies

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Speech Genetically Engineered Designer Babies

Introduction ATTENTION
I. What if your future child could be engineered to avoid the risk of cancer that runs in your family? What if your fetus' DNA could vaccinate her against Herpes or AIDS? Would you be willing to take the chance to help your child?
II. Well, 72% of our class had never heard about "Designer Baby".
III. However, 38% strongly agreed that "Designer Baby" was dangerous (SMS survey).
IV. I believed that too when I started doing research.
V. But I found that every source that I looked at was giving the issue great reviews.
VI. In many situations, doctors could and probably would suggest the genetic designing of your offspring.

I. Children are being born now with disabilities and disorders every day.
A. A new procedure called "Designer Baby" was created to help people become healthier.
1. 60% of people surveyed by Time.com said that they would test their unborn children to rule out fatal diseases (Time.com).
B. Parents now have the possibility of testing genes for mutations and genetic problems (BBC News).
1. One couple in the UK who had a child that died from cystic fibrosis was able to screen their new fetus' genes so that their child would be born healthy (Begley).
C. Dozens of couples in the United Kingdom are opting to have this done so they can give birth to free from disease
1. Over 200 regulated cases have performed in Europe
D. Doctors now say that this procedure is a great advantage because as adults, we have 50,000 cells in the muscles of our fingers, but a fetal finger might have less than 20 at the earliest stages.
1. This makes it easier to detect abnormalities before it is too late.
E. But where is the line between saving your unborn child from diseases and creating an offspring to save your dying child?


II. In the USA, human cloning is illegal. Bill Clinton signed into effect a law stating that human cloning was unethical and immoral.
A. Doctors in Europe, where this procedure developed, had a hard time convincing people that they were not cloning human genes, they were making cells better.
B. In the US, doctors have also faced this challenge.
C. With the help of media coverage, procedures where genes are tested and treated will someday be very common.
D. One day your wife or husband may be carrying a gene that has the Alzheimer disease on it and not even know it.
1. Doctors could possibly save your child from future pain, but only if this procedure becomes ethical and moral.


III. The first US case of genetically designing a baby took place in Englewood,...

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