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Speech: History Of Anime & 2 Famous Anime Creators

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Topic: AnimeGeneral Purpose: To informSpecific Purpose: To inform you about the history of anime, when was the first animation produced in Japan, when modern anime was formed and also inform you about two of it's most famous and talented creatorsThesis statement: The first animation produced in Japan in 1907, modern anime was formed in 1958 and Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki are among the most famous creators of animeIntroduction:I. What is anime?II. ;What is manga?Body:I. First animationsA. Earliest animation in 1907B. Themes and influencesC. First talking animation & first feature length filmII. Modern animeA. Toei Studios & first colour feature film (theme and influences)B. First TV animeIII. Osamu Tezuka "God of Manga"A. Influences (how the big eyes emerged)B. Revolutions in his animationC. Feature anime films from Osamu TezukaIV. Growth of animeA. First "progressive anime"B. First adult TV seriesC. 1980's huge-cost anime filmsV. Hayao MiyazakiA. Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi awardsB. His first feature filmC. Studio Ghibli creationHello everyone, my name is ........ and I will talk to you about anime. But, what exactly is anime? As even Merriam-Webster's dictionary reports, anime is an animation style originating from Japan and it is short for animation; from the English word. Also, I would like to introduce you to another term I'm going to use today which is manga. Manga refers to a comic book style that originates from Japan as well. Although, these terms are maybe keen to some of you, few know that Japanese people refer to all comic books and cartoons, independent of style and origination, as manga and anime respectively.As "The Anime Encyclopaedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917" reports, the first Japanese animation was produced in January 1917 and was a 5-minute animation short. Although, as a devoted fan I know that just last year it was discovered that in fact the earliest Japanese animation was produced at 1907. This untitled short consisted of 50 frames and depicted a young boy writing the Chinese characters for "moving picture" then turning towards the viewer, removing his hat, and offering a salute. In 1917 there was a total of 3 short films produced and the creator of one of them was Jun-ichi Kouchi who would later become the teacher of Noboru Ofuji; Japan's first internationally-known film festival animator after the War (it should be noted that his 1952 short film Kujira got a rave review from Pablo Picasso).Among animation of the 1920s a few were imitations of foreign cartoons, such as the Felix the Cat series, but most were dramatizations of Oriental folk tales in traditional Japanese art styles. Chikara to Onna No Yononaka appearing in 1932, was the first short animated film with dialogues in Japanese. In April 12 1945 the 74-minute animation Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors appeared. This film is considered to be the first feature length Japanese animation. At that time comparisons with the revolutionary...

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