Speech: Ira Retirement Plans

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Speech: IRA Retirement Plans

Saving for Retirement
General Purpose: My general purpose is to persuade.
Specific Purpose: My specific purpose is to persuade the audience to start saving for their retirement instead of simply relying on Social Security.
Thematic Statement: Starting to save for retirement early has many benefits over Social Security.

Introduction of Speech
I. I took a survey of thirty BSU students, who are employed, to determine how many of them have started saving for their retirement.
A. Only nine people, out of the thirty responses from various class levels, have started saving for their retirement.
1. This is understandable because most of us probably think that retirement is something that is eons away.
B. Because we are college students, our school schedules make working full time very difficult.
1. We therefore probably do not think about other places for our money outside of food, possibly rent, and especially leisure.
II. I myself have started saving for my retirement by starting an IRA.
A. I will discuss what an IRA is and the benefits of one later.
B. When I was 16, my parent's and I invested 1000 dollars into an IRA.
1. With an addition of 300 dollars/year, I, being 20 years old, now have an estimated $5200.
2. In the 4 years that I have been working at two jobs, I have an estimated $3200 dollars in Social Security.
III. You simply should not rely on Social Security to support you in your "Golden Years" once retired.
IV. Today I will discuss Social Security, what's wrong with relying on it, ways that you can start saving for your retirement, and the benefits of saving for your retirement instead of depending on Social Security.

[Now that you have an idea of how saving for retirement applies to you, and also an idea of what you can do to start saving through an IRA account, let me start by discussing Social Security and why it is does not work.]
Body of Speech
I. First of all, allow me to explain what Social Security is.
A. Social Security is a Federal program where they take a percentage from all of the wages earned by workers in this country.
1. You can see what I mean when you examine your paycheck.
B. The money that is collected is put in a trust fund that provides a monthly income for retired workers.
II. According to The Heritage Foundation there are several problems to the current Social Security system.
A. Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institute whose mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.
B. Social Security gives a poor rate of return (Heritage Foundation, 2000).
1. The rate of return varies from person to person.
a. For instance, for the best case scenario, a married couple with two children and a single earner receives only 4.74 percent if the earner was born in 1932...

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