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Speech On Tobacco Use

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Speech on Tobacco Use Fellow Students,

We all know that tobacco kills. In this speech, I want to tell
everyone that tobacco kills non-smokers as well. Let us be clear about
it. Second-hand smoke also kills.

It is well documented through solid science that exposure to
second-hand smoke causes cancer and contributes to various lung and
heart diseases. It can cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses in
children, and has been implicated in various other childhood diseases
such as sudden infant death syndrome or middle-ear infections.

Scientists agree that there is no safe level of exposure to second
hand smoke. It should simply be avoided. Neither air conditioning nor
separation of smoking areas completely clears the air. The best
protection is not to be exposed to second-hand smoke at all, whether
inside the home or outside.

Reality however, is different. We are all exposed to second-hand smoke
nearly everywhere we go; in cafes, in airports, in shopping centres,
often in the workplace. In countries where there are no controls on
smoking, people are exposed to it all day, every day. So are people
who work in restaurants or bars.

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 700
million, or almost half, of the world's children are exposed to
second-hand smoke. In spite of what science tells us, however, in many
places it is considered so acceptable to smoke, and so...

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