Speech Why We Need Afirmative Action

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Speech Why We Need Afirmative Action

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance of affirmative action.

Thesis: Minorities and women would not have gained as much progress as they have without the creation and enforcement of affirmative action policies.

I. Attention Grabber
A. Nancy was about to fill an entry position at the local bank, when the hiring personnel was going over her pay she found out that she was being paid $50 a month less than what a man was being paid in the same position. She was furious, because she felt that she was just as qualified and that she was being discriminated against because of her sex. But, when she confronted the hiring personal he didn't see what the problem was, and he didn't think that anything was wrong with it. Then several years later she interviewed for the supervisory position.
B. Now, how would it make you feel if you were told that you were told that you were the most qualified candidate for the position but a man was going to get the job instead. Why because he was a man and she was only a women. The reason that this hits so close to home is because this story is about my mother, and this very same situation happened to her.

Transition: By going over the background, clarifying misconceptions, you will understand why I feel that affirmative action is a law worthy of praise.

II. Let me begin by introducing you to some of the history of affirmative action.
A. It's beginnings can be traced back to the 1800's when the 14th amendment was added to the constitution.
1. It made the freedmen citizens and prohibited states from enforcing laws that would take away the privileges of any citizen, depriving men of life, liberty, property without due process of the law, or denied me equal protection of the laws.
B. But, a more modern connection began with Kennedy's proposal of the civil rights act.
C. It was signed into law on July 2, 1964 by Lyndon B. Jhonson.
1. Title VII of the act banned employment discrimination based on "race, color, sex, and nationality."
2. It also created a permanent equal employment opportunity commission to enforce its provisions.
3. The act also for the first time included obligations not to discriminate against private employees, labor unions, and governmental agencies (Urofsky 17).

III. Affirmative action helps women and minorities by providing equal chances at employment possibilities.
A. Sonia Liff was quoted as saying "Women and minorities fail not because they are less able to carry out the tasks; they are excluded because of the way that their necessary qualifications are defined (Webb 545).
C. The competition is structured against women and minorities because the job is perceived as requiring skills, experience and working patterns far more likely to be found amongst white men, or indeed seen as inherently male.
D. What should be asked of employers is not that they accept less qualified, less able women or...

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