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Speed Tables: A Simple Solution To A Scary Problem University Of Alabama/ En101 Research Paper

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Speed Tables: A Simple Solution to a Scary Problem
"Oh my gosh, are you okay?!?!" says the driver as he panics, no response. "Hey, can you hear me? Should I call 911?” still no response. The driver called 911 and the cyclist was immediately rushed to the hospital. The cyclist suffered a serious concussion and broken arm but thankfully was stabilized in the hospital. As it turns out, the driver was going down my street at 50 mph (the speed limit is 30 mph) and ran a stop sign. The driver didn't have enough time to react since the car was going so fast and he didn't see the cyclist until it was too late. This is what happened in a matter of seconds down my street back at home. Home for me is back in Miami, FL and when you're home, everyone is family. This was a frequent problem on my street, speeding drivers came down and accidents would happen. In order to protect the family, there must be a way to stop drivers from speeding down my street. I believe the best way to stop drivers from speeding is to add speed tables and stop signs. This would be the best method because it is cost effective, and it has worked for many other communities.
In many neighborhoods, the cost is approximately $2,000 for a speed table ("Speed"). This is not a lot of money for the whole neighborhood and the cost to protect your family is priceless. A stop sign costs about $50, and a neighborhood street sign is around $15 (Metz). At these prices, you could add multiple stop signs and speed tables and not spend a whole ton amongst the neighborhood. Not only can these stop signs prevent speeding drivers from hitting people, but animals too. In my time living in the neighborhood for 18 years, 2 of my own dogs have been run over and killed. The first dog was Abby, I was going to take her for a walk and I had just put the leash on her. I wasn't ready to go outside yet, but my baby brother of 6 years had opened the door for Abby and she ran out to the street. It just so happened to be at that time, there was a speeding driver coming down the street. The speed limit is 30 mph, but the driver was doing 45 mph and at this speed by the time you see something, it’s too late to stop. So of course the driver was not able to stop in time and ran Abby over.
There are many other communities out there that have had the same issue as we're having at home. Thankfully, these methods have actually worked in lowering the amount of accidents that occur in the neighborhood. In Gwinnett County (Atlanta, Georgia), a study of speed tables on 43 different streets was conducted. The study found that total crashes dropped by 38% and total injuries decreased by 93% after speed tables were installed (Bretherton). One sample of 8 sites found a 45% decrease in accidents per year with the use of speed tables ("Speed"). Once again, the speed limit on my street is 30 mph. At 20 mph, 9 out of 10...

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