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Waste Disposal Methods Must Be Improved

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Have you ever imagined that Earth is no longer available due to pollution? As shown in Wall-E, people recognize that wastes can lead Earth to be unavailable for all lives because of toxic gas from wastes. In each day, tons of wastes are create, and they are disposed with vary disposal methods. Unfortunately, current disposal methods have limitations; landfill and incineration create harmful chemicals that pollute Earth. Even if people live only with necessity of life, wastes are still created and they needed to be disposed. Even though current waste disposal methods solve problems caused by wastes, they create another problem while disposing wastes. When disposing waste with current methods, wastes seem to be disappear, but they are remain in different form still polluting Earth in many ways like air, ground and water pollutions. To resolve addressed problem, the best way is to make no wastes, but it is impossible unless people can live without necessity of life. The other method is to improve waste disposal methods. There are some companies that try to prevent pollutions caused while disposing wastes. These companies try to develop safer waste disposal methods. Waste Management (WM) is the most famous companies among these eco-friendly companies, and WM shows some possible solutions for improving waste disposal methods. In addition, this article will analyze, critique and suggest improvements of Waste Management's three ways to dispose several types of waste: improving current recycling, renewable energy from Landfill gas (LFG), and waste conversion.
As a first solution to disposing wastes, WM improves what they originally have: recycling. Recycling is one of the best way to dispose wastes, and WM tries to improve the process of recycling to make recycling more effective. WM (n.d) states that to make improvement, they started to collect all recyclable wastes in "one collection bin" so that people would feel easier to recyle. Therefore, recycling is no longer hard and tiresome work, and it helps people not to avoid recycling. Also, WM's improvement on recycling brings economical benefits. According to WM (n.d), they reduced the distance the collection truck drives so the time the trucks take to collect reduced, and it also reduces fuel usage. By reducing vehicle miles, WM reduces the amount of fuel used while transporting, and time is also saved through WM's improvement. The effect of WM's improvement is significant. WM (n.d) claims that 40% more of recyclable wastes are collected. Despite its significant improvements, recycling still has some limitations such as unrecyclable materials and people who do not try to recycle and difficulty in recycling electronic devices. First of all, not all materials are recyclable. As an example of unrecyclable wastes, Princeton University(n.d) states that biological and medical wastes must be disposed in specific way because they may be polluted "infectious organism" if recycled. Some wastes include...

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