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I’ve been accidentally disturbed by my little sis’ with her singing of something I can’t understand. Like jumbled words passing through my ears. Half-awaked, I peeked the time at my phone, “Ughh. It was just 5:30 in the early morning. I want to be with my bed much longer.” Then, I hear her singing another song. Again, disturbed by her disturbing voice that she didn’t even notice. Finally, I gave up and got out of my bed. As I stretched out my hands in the air, she scrambled quickly out of my room. Then, a thought comes to me that it’s already our Christmas break. “Yippee!! Christmas break!! A very long break”, with sarcasm in my voice. But I know as long I’m with the family, it’ll be worth it. It’ll be okay. I’ll be fine, somehow.
A lot of things coming to my mind that day: gimmicks, party, jamming and most of all adventure with my crazy best friends. Seriously, I missed them so badly. Because of ...view middle of the document...

Talking about Christmas break, the night or early morning mass. I really don’t go to churches without a company. I hate being alone. But I love to go and pray to God. I’ve never been to church for a long time, not only me, our whole family. I believe because of the chores, babysitting and also our small business. But we do pray in our home, I believe.
After I surpass the long boring and nothing to do days, actually there’s a lot of things, I woke up. It’s Christmas Eve, the day that I’ve been waiting for. I thanked God and one word keeps repeating on my mind. Food. Food. Food. So I jolted up and looked in the kitchen. They’re preparing dishes for the Noche Buena. The only that I’ve done that day is to eat and sleep. We do already cleared the tables before midnight. But it’s a good Christmas for me because we’re complete sharing, eating and cherishing in our small home.
Like we have planned, a gathering of the company after Christmas finally succeeded. We said hi to each other with a hard slap or tapping is a ritual. Although watching a movie failed because it’s already sold out, we still have a good time strolling around on some places.
After four more days, New Year’s Eve came. The market was flooded with people and having their shopping list. At 7:00 PM, I’ve gone with my friend for a Christian mass. Planning to have a short stroll on our friend’s place but unfortunately failed on our way back home. So we finally stayed and have the New Year on other’s home. The three of us watched in awe on how the fireworks flooded the sky. It’s been a very good time for us to have a small chit-chat about each lives.
I know, holidays are enjoyed more by those, who work hard, because they bring a change for them rather than for those who while away their time. It is indeed true that life without holidays would become boring, making one lose all interest in work and studies after all “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Thus, holidays are as important for as going to school and study.
Speaking of school and studies, I’ve got a lot of thing to do more than of my Christmas break. So that’s for all of my holidays. Happy New Year.

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