Anonymous Sperm And Egg Donation Essay

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Anonymous Sperm and Egg Donation
Anonymous sperm and egg donation is a serious topic. Some people think they should remain anonymous and some do not. A few reasons for becoming known donors are legal rights, medical reasons, and psychological problems. The parents and donor kids should know where the sperm or egg came from because it might affect their futures. Medical risks are a huge deal that everyone needs to be aware of, but especially those who are not sure where they came from. Donor children who do not know who their donor is or are looking for their biological parent, may grow up to have problems psychologically. Children have the right to know their biological background.
There are many views on sperm and egg donation. Some people would say that the donor child has no legal right to know their donor parent. But some say otherwise. Everyone has a legal right to know where he or she came from. The donor child and the parent that raised them should know the donor parent. The parent should know where their child is coming from and the child should know, too. Ms. Pratten, a donor child, mentioned, “It is very disappointing. All we were asking for is the same benefits of adopted people. They've [the B.C. court] basically said, 'No, you can’t have that.' And they've basically said that it's okay for the government to discriminate” (qtd in Bains). She pretty much explained it perfectly. The courts are discriminating donor children. If adopted kids can know who their biological parents are, why can donor kids not?
Men who donate sperm change peoples’ ideas of fatherhood. People think that donating sperm is a good thing and the donor children should be happy they were born, but they do not know the side effects of being a donor child. They grow up thinking that having one parent is okay, so they might not stay around if they have a kid. John Smoot, a judge of Boston’s Probate and Family Court, stated, “Our society already suffers from an absentee father crisis.” If the U.S. is already lacking the amount of fathers actually taking care of children, then donating sperm is just going to make it worse.
There are worse problems than not knowing whom their donor parent is, though. Lots of donor children grow up not knowing that they have a greater chance of having a medical problem. To donate, a person does not have to take any certain tests. They just have to show up and if their sperm or eggs look fine the hospital staff take it. “Regardless of socioeconomic status, donor offspring are twice as likely as those raised by biological parents to report problems with the law before age 25. They are more than twice as likely to report having struggled with substance abuse. And they are about 1.5 times as likely to report depression or other mental health problems,” said Karen Clark, an investigator. Not only are donor children more likely to get into problems with the law, they are more likely to get into problems dealing with their health. That is why...

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